Must-Haves for a Modern Minimalist Home

Just like human beings, every home is unique, with many decorating styles for individuals to choose from. Maximalism, minimalism, and even clutter-core are all popular home decorating decisions these days.

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Suppose you’re looking for a more minimalist aesthetic in your home, or you’re already living a life of minimalism. In that case, there are still essential items that will keep your home stylish no matter how Spartan you decide to live or decorate. Keep reading for the must-haves every modern minimalist home needs. 

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Window Treatments

While the debate could last forever on whether or not you need curtains in your home, even the most minimalist home needs some form of window treatment. From Venetian to rice paper blinds and anywhere in between, not only do they provide privacy, but blinds add another texture in a very sparse environment. Curtains can accomplish the same thing and add a pop of color even if there is a solid and not patterned panel. Whether you opt for just blinds or curtains or mix both, even the most minimal home should add window treatments.

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Large Plants

The look of the jungalow aesthetic or plant person can turn homes into virtual rainforests, and many people love this interior design style. While there’s no rule on how many belongings you are allowed to have as a minimalist, purchasing a large plant to make one solid statement is often more impactful than purchasing a lot of smaller plants. Go with a plant that speaks to you instead of settling for the one you’re not in love with; after all, it should spark Joy. There are large plants for sale online and at local nurseries that are sure to suit your fancy! Don’t neglect to buy a beautiful pot that compliments the color scheme in your home. Plants also give your home air purifying benefits and natural beauty without adding art to the walls.

Minimalist Furniture

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There is so much beauty in the simplicity and emptiness of a minimalist living space. So complementing it with furniture designed in a more minimalist aesthetic is essential. The idea of minimalism was born in the art world, so it would make sense that everything in your home feels like a work of art to you. Though furniture is expensive, minimalist furniture is worth budgeting for and investing in. Many people turn to minimalism when they become parents because of the overwhelming clutter that toys and extra laundry bring, and children also tend to damage furniture. If there are still young children or rowdy pets in the home, affordable stores like Ikea are another great choice for minimalist furniture options. 

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The Right Lighting 

The right lighting can make all the difference in your home; studies have even shown that fluorescent overhead lighting can damage your mental and physical health in the long term. Sleek and modern floor lamps can be a game changer as far as setting the mood in your home, adding depth to any room, and again, when you invest in high-quality and well-made pieces, you’re adding art to your home. Table lamps aren’t essential if you don’t want clutter in your living or bedroom, though they’re another beautiful accent to a bedside table in even the emptiest living spaces. 

Double-Duty Pieces 

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Even if you have very few belongings in your home, chances are if you’re aiming for a modern minimalist aesthetic, you want them out of sight when they’re not in use. Therefore, having double-duty furniture and decoration that can store these items is essential to achieving and maintaining your desired decor style. Couches with storage when you lift the chaise, credenzas with plenty of storage, and everything in between make an impactful difference.

The important thing to remember is there are no rules when it comes to living a minimalist lifestyle or decorating a minimalist home; however, the above-mentioned decorating essentials will add beauty and functionality to your home. Keep them in mind as you embark or move forward in this rewarding way of life. The benefits of minimalism are vast, from financial freedom to more time you can spend doing the things you love. Here’s to you and your beautiful, clutter-free home!


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