6 Ways to Display Your Personality in Your Home Decor

Your home has it all, but it still feels incomplete or even boring. Maybe it lacks the most essential thing – your personal style.  In their desire to create a perfectly designed place, many people forget about the “you” element. The result is a place that has nothing to do with you or your lifestyle.  So what can you do to make your home look less like a catalogue page and more like you?

6 Ways To Display Your Personality in Your Home Decor1
Are you traditional?  Do you like to keep the details to the bare minimum? Do you get excited by the thought of the whimsical French cottage interior? Or you are more drawn to the sophisticated and modern appearance? Are you confused already? Finding your decor style should not result in existential crisis. You just need to be more conscious about your preferences. Observe what you like and the things you go for. Have a peek into your wardrobe. It will quickly give you an idea what colours and fabrics you love.

Determine Your Personal Style Influence
Where do you get your inspiration from? What triggers your imagination? Again look at your clothes. Your inclination towards preppy classics may suggest that you like more tailored conventional upholstered furniture. On the other hand, your love for the boho layered pieces may also mean that you like eclectic and colourful designs.6 Ways To Display Your Personality in Your Home Decor2

Consider Your Lifestyle
Don’t forget that you are aiming towards both practicality and aesthetics, especially when it comes to items that you will use on a daily basis. For example, getting furniture that looks great, but is uncomfortable as hell. When decorating a room, take into account its purpose and act according to it. Be honest about your lifestyle. For example, if you are not into domestic cleaning, don’t fill your home with many details. Keep it easy to maintain. Don’t get pieces that represent your dream life, but things that reflect your current needs.

Search for Hidden Treasures
You don’t need to visit the decor stores. You probably have all that you need to translate your personality in your home. Dedicate your afternoon and go through your belongings. You can use this time for cleaning and de – cluttering. Old photos, items you brought from trips, posters and collectables make great accessories.  You can integrate them by mixing and matching different details or using them to layer your decor.

Put Hobbies and Collectables on Show
Do you have a collection of gorgeous vintage items? Maybe you are crafty and like to make your own art? These items make a unique addition to the decor. If you are proud of your work, then why not display it.

Think of It As a Long –Term Process
You need to be prepared that successful home decor will not happen in a day. Don’t forget about the basic maintenance and house cleaning. It is just as important as the decoration process. A place is never truly “finished.”  You will constantly polishing and adding new things. The same applies to your designing skills. No one is born with good taste. Give yourself time to develop and embrace your personal style, to experiment and try new things. Build your knowledge base and gradually develop your skills. For more cleaning ideas: Chiswick house and carpet cleaners.


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