When to Call a Professional: 5 Common Roofing Problems to Watch Out For

When roofing problems pop up, many homeowners put off calling professionals for as long as they can in the hopes of solving problems on their own. There are a number of home maintenance tasks you can take care of your own. roofing-problemsUnfortunately, roofing issues usually aren’t on that list.

The issue with roofing problems
is that they worsen over time. Your roof is integral to protecting your home and your family and it deserves the prompt action that professionals can provide. However, they can’t get your roof back into shape without your help. Know when to call a professional by being on the lookout for these common roofing problems.roofing-problems-3

  1. What’s the harm with a little water? Well, a little water seeping through your roof can lead to some serious health and safety risks. Don’t wait for water to actually drip on you before you take action! Call a professional when you see water spots on your walls or ceiling.
  1. Missing or damaged shingles. As the elements wear down your shingles, damage will become evident over time. Just one missing shingle can compromise your roof, so have any issues you see addressed as soon as possible.roofing-problems-1
  1. Loose, cracked or worn-out flashing. Metal flashing covers the gaps between roofing material and protrusions in the roof to keep moisture from seeping in. When flashing is loose, cracked or worn out, your chances of acquiring a leak are high. Professionals can make quick work of damaged flashing to keep leaks at bay.
  2. Granule loss. Shingles wear out slowly, losing a few granules every time it rains or winds pass. If there are a lot of granules in your downspouts and gutters, take that as a clear sign that your shingles are nearing their end and are in need of professional attention.
  1. Storm Damage. Assess your roof for damage every time a storm passes. Roofs are built to last but you’ll get more out of your investment if you catch problems early on.roofing-problems-2

A Word of Advice: Skip Do-It-Yourself

I’ve been in the industry for over 25 years. I’ve seen what professional work can do, and most of the time, professionals offer quality that far surpasses the best do-it-yourself projects out there. Professionals are professionals for a reason: they have the knowledge, skills and expertise to give you the well-constructed roof that your home deserves. And doesn’t your home deserve the best? Address these common problems early with help from a professional and enjoy years of peace of mind knowing your home is protected well.

Author Bio:

Terry Klara is the President and Founder of DryTech Roofing, a roofing company based in Aberdeen, MD. He has extensive experience in construction industry, working with countless clients in his home state and in the Washington, DC, area. Terry’s exceptional problem-solving and project management skills have helped him enjoy a high degree of success. Terry also writes from time to time, sharing his expertise and experiences on the company blog.


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