7 Activities that can improve your Concentration Skills

In this world and age multitasking is becoming a norm but we often underestimate the value of keeping a focus on one thing at a time. Apparently, it is believed that multitasking is the necessity and one gets more things done at a time, if one can juggle with multiple works. But reality is otherwise. It is proven now that multitasking does not only make one less attentive but it also reduces productivity at work. 

When one switches between tasks, it takes more time by the mind to focus on the new task and by the time mind becomes accustomed to a new task, the doer changes the activity, resulting in concentration getting divided into multiple tasks! The key to achieve everything you want is to focus on one thing at a time so that you can give your best to whatever that is important. You may now be wondering as to how to keep your concentration without getting distracted as we have so many things around which boggle our minds all the time. Worry you not, for I have gathered 7 best activities that you can adapt, if you want to stay focused and really get things done!

1: Meditation to Relax:

We often think that our mind can only relax if we will do something entertaining like watching a movie or playing a game. While this can make you forget of your problems for a while, it will not be helpful or won’t help you in destressing. In order for you to really give your mind a break so that you can easily concentrate on your work later, you need to give your mind a break. And what could be a better break than meditation. Find a peaceful nook in your room, somewhere where you won’t be distracted, turn off your mobile phone, take a soft cushion and meditate for fifteen minutes to half an hour daily, after waking up. It will be great if the place you’ve chosen have an access to natural wind and sunlight. This 15 minutes to yourself will be very rewarding as you will feel refreshed and at peace.

2: Exercise to Rejuvenate your Senses:

While meditation helps in decluttering your mind, exercise helps in energizing your body and mind for the day ahead. Not only that, we all know the benefits of exercise. According to research, exercise keeps the distractions at bay. If you will exercise daily, you will feel less distracted and more focused. Although it is not proven as to why this is the case, but a research conducted to study the attention span showed that the students who exercised before sitting for the test did well than those who did not exercise. So, my advice to all of you would be to give your muscles a push if you want to give your life a push in right direction.

3: Play Focused-oriented Games:

Your mind loves to play games, if you feel your attention span is way too limited it is time to give your mind some tricky games to play with. Internet have tones of fun games for mind sharpness. Lumosity and Brain wars are few that should be on your list. Such games help in keeping a focus and give your mind a treat it deserves to keep its concentration and memory sharp.

4: Make Art a Habit:

As children we loved colors. I can bet we all had dozens of coloring books, with numbers on the prints where we had to fill a certain color in a particular numbered section. Didn’t we? Well, it is time to bring such activities back in our lives. Laugh you not, for it is proven that such coloring activities were not only fun but were actually a very good exercise to maintain concentration skills of children. You might not want to pursue the same activity but now there is this new form of art somewhat similar to it – Painting with Diamonds. Unlike, paint with number, you have to fill the colored sections with colored rhinestones! The activity is challenging but has proving to improve concentration skills while giving one a pleasure for experiencing art too.

5: Read Slowly:

Reading is very beneficial if you are struggling with distraction. But that doesn’t mean anyone who reads will not get distracted. If you are reading to learn to concentrate, you are to read slowly. Often, when we read, we skip words or we read too quickly to understand the true meaning of the text. To learn to concentrate, read for 15 minutes daily, making sure you read slowly, pausing where necessary. Reading aloud is another way to help yourself to concentrate.

6: Create a To-do List:

You may think this is useless but believe you me it is not. When you create a list, make sure you only add activities that are important and should be immediately get done. Set a timer, and try to complete the task in the specified time, while taking small breaks in between. If you manage to tick on one completed task, you will be surprised how motivated you will feel to get done with the other tasks too.

7: Watch the “Second Hand” of the Clock:

As boring as it may sound, it is one valuable activity if you find it difficult to concentrate. It is easier to do what you love but keeping yourself focused on boring tasks is very difficult. If you manage to do it daily for 5 mins, your concentration skills will improve. 

Exercise any of these activities and see for yourself. You will be amazed at how just sticking to simple activities can bring amazing results!


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