How effective is vacuum cleaner?

Hygiene is one the basic pillars of civilization, and now, in a household, one aims for optimum hygiene and thus the need for regular cleaning of floors and furniture. 

Cleaning on the daily can be a task of great diligence and dexterity because reaching behind the nooks and crannies of furniture and other décor and looking under rugs and mattresses to scout for dust and dirt can be extremely time-consuming and draining. 

With the invention of vacuum cleaners, the whole process of cleaning has become so much more efficient. Now the process is mostly automated and eliminates the toils of human labor.

Are vacuum cleaners effective?

Vacuum cleaners are not only hard investments to the owner but also an extremely useful tool for activities around the house. Here are a few instances that point out the effectiveness of a vacuum cleaner in the household.

1. Separating allergens & filtering:

While vacuuming on surfaces like sofas, carpets and beds, a lot of allergens like dust, animal fur and mites are exposed to the breathing air. These can act as irritants and might trigger allergies. Vacuums that are High-Efficiency Particulate Arresting or HEPA rely on their architecture to eliminate such allergens from the surroundings to provide better quality breathing air.

2. Wet and dry cleaning:

Spills can be quite messy to clean up from the corners and edges. These machines can clean wet surfaces, collect fluids from inaccessible spaces and crevices, thus making it the best vacuum for tile cleaning. 

Dry cleaning is also an option for these vacuums as they are well equipped to clean out upholstery and coats. There are brushes on the attachments for deep cleaning.

3. Automated:

Robot vacuum cleaners can be set to keep your floors clean all the time, even on remote access. These little machines can freely roam all around the house on their tiny little wheels, sweeping and mopping dust off the floors. 

The cleaning areas can be set through an application on any device. It also cleans and can also be scheduled for an everyday basis.

4. Hassle-free:

Cleaning floors and tiles always consist of two steps. Sweeping/brushing and mopping. To carry out these two procedures simultaneously for a good cleansing would take up a lot of time. 

It would also be inconvenient to carry the individual equipment to the room back and forth. With vacuum cleaners, both time and effort can be retained as these machines make household cleaning really easy.

5. Handheld vacuums and corded vacuums:

Handheld vacuums have little power for suction as they run on batteries and are mainly used for fine cleaning of cracks and crevices. 

They can easily take out bits of food, plastic and paper. Corded vacuums have a much higher capacity to take dust in as it is wired and connected to a power output with a good supply.

6. Thorough cleansing:

Wall and floor tiles are usually laid down on the concrete, which makes little borders on the adjacent tiles. Over time, these grout lines get weathered and turn dark due to all the dust and age. 

With tile cleaning vacuum cleaners, we can get rid of ugly grout lines, thus providing a cleaner aesthetic of sanitation to the home.


Compared to the positives, there are extremely few negatives to owning a vacuum cleaner. They are usually noisy and can’t be maneuvered around hurdles and barriers. It might also cause a hike in the electricity bill, but the utility it provides is worth it all.


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