7 Best Ideas to Turn Your Garage into a Dream Room

People usually have trouble finding extra space for all the stuff they want to store and especially for all the new stuff they want to buy, but a smaller percentage of lucky people actually have a different kind of problem.

I mean, it’s not really a problem, it’s quite the opposite.

What this means is that they no longer have use of their garage or at least for what it was originally intended to and now there is this unused space which is due for some remodeling, renovation, and some tweaks to your old garage door, but what to do with it after is the real question.

If you have this empty space with no active functionality and you are looking to turn your dirty old garage storage into a fun room adequate for all sorts of different activities, then here are some ideas you can lean on and get inspired.

Ideas are basically limitless. You can use this space to fully cater to a hobby you’ve loved but neglected over the years, you can turn it into a treasure cove for all sorts of items if you are an avid collector.

Why not turn it into a social space where your closest friends can gather, have parties, and just hang out?

As you can see options and ideas just keep adding up, it really comes down to what kind of person you are and what you like to do in your spare time, all you need to do is translate these feelings into this empty space and feel free to indulge yourself a little bit.

Wine Cellar

Do you like wine? Here’s an idea, why not make your own little wine cellar? This shouldn’t be too hard to build, all you need is some humidity, proper lighting, and shelves, there, and suddenly your garage turns into a wine cellar, just like in the movies.

You also have the freedom to design it however you like, whether you want to keep it simple and humble or you want to be more luxurious and go for more club-like feel to it and invest into leather couches, expensive glassware, and various different things like airbnb investment .

It’s all up to you, we are here just to inspire.

Home Theater

Are you a fan of movies, are you a fan of theaters? Combine these two and make yourself a home theater of your dreams. Just picture it, you could install cinema chairs, a popcorn machine, a big screen and sound system, you could simulate that true cinema experience at home with your friends, and even choose what you want to watch. Now, how fun is that?

Board Game Room

A space for board games is probably something we all can agree is a great idea for your garage. You can put multiple chairs and tables, allow smoking, drinking, and noise! You could make a game room for you and your buddies to hang for as long as they want without disturbing anyone else in the house.

Even your friends might get inspired and bring new games, furniture or anything they might feel could be a great addition to your Saturday night board game skirmish.

Home Brewery

Have you ever wanted to brew your own beer? Well now is the perfect time to start. You can build your own brewery and a pub and have a lot of fun with your friends. Who knows you might even turn it into a business if that beer turns out to be really good.

Airbnb Rental

If you are looking to make some extra money, you could totally adapt your garage into a guest room and put it on sites like Airbnb or Booking, especially if you live in a place where tourists tend to visit often or maybe you live in a college town and could rent it to students.

You can never go wrong if you like this idea because you’d always have a ready space for your guests, and no one says no to some extra cash. You can even calculate your profit using this great Airbnb profit calculator. Easy to use and precise, and it comes in handy when you need to break down numbers.

Home Arcade

You like video games and you don’t want to be disturbed by any means?

This one goes hand in hand with the board game room, instead your main focus here would be on getting an electronic arcade game, a monster HD TV, some blasting sound-system and, of course, a comfortable couch with bonus lazy bags spread all over the room. You can enjoy this play space either by yourself or with friends.

Music Studio

Do you like to listen to loud music, but you’d rather stay at home, or maybe need room to practice your instrument, or even have a full band practice? If the answer is yes then your garage can be turned into a real studio, both for practice and recording. You just need good sound isolation and you are ready to rock.


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