How a Smart Office Makes Work Easier

Beyond automated cleaning gadgets, futuristic sensors, and sleek screens, using smart technology is more than just a fashion statement or an attempt at looking modern and “in the know”. These are practical measures taken to make sure that workers are comfortable during work while helping them increase their efficiency and productivity.

Looking at the way business is being done these days, collaboration has become pivotal to the success of a campaign or project. One misstep in communication may mean trouble for those barely managing their respective teams. So with the advent of smart technology, work life is greatly improved by the many ways it creates a connected experience in the office.

Let’s explore the reasons smart technology can help make office life, and indeed the way we do work, easier.

Smart software cuts unnecessary processing time

Certain, manual processes take an awfully long time to finish. This eats up man hours that should have been spent finishing tasks. Spending way too much time keeping records and processing billing manually affects that speed with which we close a project. That is why we often find ourselves rushing to finish them near the deadline.

With smart software like a cloud system or an automated office system that updates records in real-time, all of these unnecessary waste of work time is eliminated. Instead we only need to bother ourselves with feeding the system with pertinent information and then allow it to organise and process it.

Additionally, these systems are most likely going to be more accurate now that the danger of human error has been eliminated. So you can be sure that your records and billings are immaculate.

Real-time data helps companies predict complications

Because a smart office system collects data in real-time, companies avoid being reactionary. Instead, they will be able to anticipate complications that their campaign might experience after executing a plan. These includes analytics for website visits, conversions, and indeed, even for calculating man hours.

A company that has set up smart systems to capture Big Data, whether it’s profit earning (business conversion) or for managing office production, is a company that can make sound decisions.

More opportunities for collaborative work wherever you are

Interconnectedness is at the core of smart offices. The way work is evolving, most prefer doing business when they are face-to-face with clients. Which means there is a high possibility that a team member will not be present in meetings or important huddles.

But because opportunities for growth have evolved as well, we cannot afford to miss any of these discussions. It seems that there is a need for each member of the company to be constantly connected, to be updated by everything that is happening in the team. This is where The Internet of Things (IoT) come in.

Simply refers to connection of different devices to the Internet, whether these are your smartphones, laptops, even cars or various office appliances. When you cannot avoid but work remotely, the inter-networking provided by IoT will allow you to manage both your work and other members of the team.

Technology that allows you to do all of these are already in the market

If you are worried about installing different types of software to create a smart office, then you must take a look at Google Home.

More than just a voice-activated digital assistant, Google Home can actually be used as a messaging center (queuing up calls and texts, or scan emails), edit documents (sync it to Gmail and edit documents via voice prompts), automate your whole office (control lighting, air conditioning, and so on), or use it to organise your office schedule.

You can even create your own AI-powered skill to address a gap in productivity in our office. For instance, you can develop skill where Google Home’s Alexa can answer customer inquiry all on its own.

You can check out Google Home deals from Harvey Norman, and expect to see significant changes in how you and your colleagues do work.


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