7 Brilliant Bedroom Ideas Your Teen Will Love

Being the parent of a teen can sometimes be tricky in its own right, so there’s no need to add the additional stress of decorating their bedroom to the mix. The important years between childhood and adulthood are when most teens change their tastes, which often leads to the desire to redecorate. Because teens can be fickle in what they want, they’re likely changing their minds quite a lot and may have questionable taste. We’ve collected 7 of the most popular and well loved teen bedroom designs to make the redecorating process far easier.

  1. Stick and Peel Wallpaper and Decals

Have we mentioned teens are always changing their minds? When going for a dramatic change that you’re not sure will stand the test of time, opt for something more temporary instead. That’s where stick and peel wallpaper and wall decals come in. Instead of painting stripes or including a bright accent wall, look to the wallpaper version. Stick and peel wallpaper is incredibly easy to apply, and can be removed without any damage to the wall — both unlike traditional wallpaper. When your teen decides to forgo the navy blue accent wall in favor of a fire engine red one, you’ll save time, money, and your sanity by going for a stick and peel wallpaper.

Wall decals work in a similar fashion. Getting creative and painting designs or a mural on your wall seems like a fun idea in theory, but with all the intricate details and steady handiwork needed, your expectations might not become the reality. Instead, seek out wall decals that will serve the same purpose. Initials, shapes and symbols, and framed decals are all extremely popular with teens, and when they decide they’re not anymore, they can be easily removed.

  1. Multi-Tasking Storage

If there’s one thing we know teens need more of, it’s storage. Items strewn about are not solely the fault of laziness, sometimes there are not adequate storage options to neatly organize all belongings. No matter their gender, style, or age, the teenage years seem to be short on organization and cleanliness. To encourage a neater room and better organizational habits, it’d be wise to invest in furniture or decorative items that double as storage. Bed frames with pull out drawers underneath, desks with built-in bookcases, storage benches or ottomans can all be sightly additions that not only add style and serve a purpose, but also act as a main source of storage. Keeping their room tidy will never be easier when there’s a proper place for everything.

Even smaller decorative elements, like shelves can be a great opportunity for your teen to show off souvenirs from a recent vacation, while simultaneously finding a home for necessary items.

  1. Neon Signs and Letter Boards

The aesthetic it seems all teen girls are after is modern glam. It’s trendy, its current, and lets you feel a little bit luxurious. If your teen dreams of having their name in lights, these trendy pieces are the perfect addition to make a glamorous room stand out just a bit more. Neon signs have become a staple of restaurants, shops and now, homes, and are extremely popular among millennials. Their bright shades show off a daring contemporary style, which adds an edge to traditional feminine glamor. Neon signs come in a variety of traditional buzz words, but you can also have one custom made spelling out your teen’s name.

Show off a new-school kind of trendy with the use of letter board. Backlit letter boards are a thoughtful outlet for your creative teen and a fun form of self-expression. Letter boards can be changed easily to spell out any phrase they prefer that day, like a funny or inspiring quote. This gives them a little more individuality than a mass produced chair or bookcase would. Because teens routinely change their tastes and opinions, it’s also another good opportunity for them to change things up when they feel like it.


  1. Hanging Chairs

A throwback to bohemian and mid-century modern styles, hanging chairs add a cozy sense of cool to any bedroom, regardless of gender, age, or style. Standard seating options can get a bit stale when you’ve seen them time and time again, so when you add a suspended chair into the room, things get a lot more interesting. Most hanging chairs have a bohemian wicker weave, with lines that evoke mid-century modern design, so not only are these chairs fun and stylish — they are rooted in legitimate design. You can also let your teen choose the appropriate cushions or pillows so that the chair better matches the rest of the decor.


  1. Stylish Lighting

Lighting: an element that usually just seems like an afterthought. But when you push the creative boundaries a step further, the lighting can become a stand-out element of the room. Teens nowadays seem to really appreciate unique forms of lighting that stray beyond desk lamps and ceiling lights.


Also popular today is minimalism, in which many minimalist rooms you’ll often find the space punctuated by a simple paper lantern. They’re a whimsical, inexpensive way to use lighting as a statement, and is a piece of decor that bolsters the entire design style of the room. Faux chandeliers also boast paper elements for a low-key kind of glamor that all teens can enjoy.



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