Advice For Builders Who Are Invested In The Environment

When you care about going green, you want your work to properly reflect this personal value. The good news is that you don’t need a ton of money or industry clout to make a difference with the environment — you can read and follow these three suggestions to construct eco-friendly houses and make a profit.

Get Materials FromOrganizations That Care About The Environment: 

Before you pick a company as a source for your work materials, do a little research to see if they are as invested in being green as you are — most businesses that advocate for sustainability and eco-friendliness will advertise this on their official website. If you can’t seem to find any evidence online, you should call the business to ask them about their commitments to the environment. Choose a company like Casa Bella Windows & Doors to be a major resource for your next construction because of their years of industry experience and their dedication to improving the environment through their products and practices.

They have been expertly manufacturing, distributing and installing Canada windows and doors for over sixty years. Their windows are designed for optimal energy-efficiency and often exceed ratings set by Energy Star. They follow through with multiple recycling and waste reduction efforts to reduce their carbon footprint, like repurposing door cut-outs into insulation or turning wasted wood into sawdust.

Think About More Than Solar Panels:

The average person pictures sustainable housing as a building that has solar panels covering the rooftop and an electric car parked in the driveway—while those are two significant additions that can reduce carbon footprints, they are not the ultimate features of a green home. The award-winning designer Heather Dubbeldam believes that true sustainability can be achieved through the architecture of a building. Professionals need to consider the house’s orientation and the placement of its features in order to optimize its energy-use and prevent waste. To take advantage of natural sunlight and reduce the need for electrical fixtures, more windows can be placed higher along walls and tilted upward.

Focus On Energy-Efficiency:

 While people like the idea of being environmentally friendly and going green, many of them have a hard time financially committing to those same practices — this is partially due to the fact that green features can be less accessible and they can be expensive. If you want to attract buyersto your sustainable builds, focus on their money-saving capabilities. It’s wise to capitalize on the desire for energy efficiency in the real estate market by emphasizing specific features like kitchen appliances, windows, entry doors, wall insulation and smart thermostats. By appealing to a buyer’s interest for lower hydro bills, your new constructions are destined to be popular.

The last piece of advice that you should follow is to be patient when it comes to cultural views towards the environment. Soon enough, buyers will expect energy-efficient features and sustainable designs to be in every open house they visit.


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