7 Gorgeous Summer Bloom Arrangements for Your Home

Bring the outdoors in with fresh blooms for your home this summer. Flowers are the perfect way to create an inviting ambience when hosting special occasions or to add a touch of floral beauty on any day of the week. Whether using small or large blossoms, here are some of our favorite ways to effortlessly arrange flowers in your home. In no time, you’ll have the perfect summer floral decor that will impress your guests.

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1I Romantic Escape in a French Country Home

There is nothing more charming than fresh cut flowers from your own garden or the local farmer’s market. Gather your favorite roses, peonies, and ranunculuses. Combine similar colors, such as varying shades of pink flowers or any other color. To create a romantic spring vibe, choose soft colors. Mix fresh green foliage in your floral arrangement. Some great options are bright green maidenhair, ming fern, foxtail fern, or sword fern. If you want a fuller look with dark green leaves, incorporate cocculus, blue flame fern, or leatherleaf in your floral creation. The key to keeping it romantic and simple is to stay in the same color palette, which will give your space a soft but lively feel. For a French Country Chic home decor, go with white or cream flowers with nice green leaves. Opt for rustic or stainless steel vases, galvanized buckets or water cans or even simple glass mason jars  to hold your bouquet. They are the perfect containers for a creating a French Country bed and breakfast vibe in your home.

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2I Touch of Lavender for a Chic Farmhouse

Not only does lavender smell great, it looks amazing, too! Place fresh cut lavender in a simple glass vase or basket for the bedroom or bathroom to create a relaxing mood. You can also place a small bunch of dried lavender in antique vases, vintage pots, or everyday items such as canisters. Show off your chic farmhouse style by displaying floral arrangements on a beautiful wood table, dresser, or even your favorite spot on a bookcase. They are great to use as an accent color for your entry room table or sideboard. A big plus is that lavender will still smell great even when they are dry! So, no need to water them. In fact, the best way to preserve lavender is to hang them dry with a string or just let them sit in a vase or in a basket. They will naturally dry in place and add that pop of color to your space. Don’t be afraid to bring some lavender into your home this summer.

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3I Minimalist Floral Arrangement for a Wabi Sabi Home

Keep things clean and simple with Wabi-Sabi-inspired vases and floral arrangements. For this unique home decor style, choose dried florals and stems. You can create an effortless arrangement with just one or two stems to liven up your home, while keeping the room balanced. This style is perfect for a small bedroom or office. With Wabi-Sabi-inspired floral arrangements, you can create a beautiful and stylishly subtle summer home decor. The contrasting sense of depth is complemented by a light and airy feel. Complete the look by decorating your home with everyday objects such as books and ceramics. Don’t forget about your favorite tea cup or bowl for added personalization.

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4I Lush Flowers for a Traditional Home

Classic, versatile, and never disappointing, the traditional floral arrangement is the go-to look for any home decor. If you absolutely love a traditional look and feel in your home, stick with classic floral arrangements. For this style, choose any color palette that looks nice in your home. If you’re unsure about how to style your space with florals or if you just love all colors, a mixed bouquet will be just perfect. A variety of flowers will brighten up your space and create a sense of movement in your home. Get creative. Think beyond obvious places where flowers are normally placed. Skip the table tops and shelves and place your bright beautiful florals on walls using picture frames. Lush green leaves with peach and pink blooms make great statement pieces. Bright pink, red, or blue flowers stand out on their own. To create a sense of continuity, place flowers throughout your home and allow your home to be imbued with the outdoors.

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5I Uplifting Summer Florals for a Classic Home

Summer flowers, as we know them, are super cute and dazzling, especially when they’re combined with other bright florals. Use loose greens, roses and several wildflowers to brighten up your space. Arrange your mixed florals in small glass vessels to showcase the variety of blossoms. This technique also helps to prolong the vibrant beauty of your flowers. Portable glass vessels easily allow you to play around with placement. Place them on windowsills, kitchen counters and even bookshelves for that nice touch of colorful freshness. Take it a step further and get creative by showcasing your florals in less common items. For the front porch, show off a bouquet of flowers using lanterns, rain boots, watering cans or a bicycle for a fun summer look. A big benefit of this decor approach is the fragrance that you and your guests will enjoy whenever you’re by the front door. Talk about welcoming your guest to an inviting home.

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6I Industrial Chic Blooms

If you’re a collector of vintage items or a hoarder of everything warehouse, you’ll love the industrial chic style. When paired with summer blooms, weathered metals are softened by fresh florals in an array of colors, highlighting the balance of old and new, past and present. Swap out your traditional lighting with industrial inspired floral lighting. You can achieve this look by wrapping and intertwining your favorite florals into the fixture. Popular in weddings, industrial chic is all about simplicity in the use of vintage items. Create a lovely touch of sophistication and elegance by incorporating florals with bright hues like green, fuschia and pink. These hues make great accent colors when paired with the natural color of wood and metal pieces. So go wild with your greenery and florals because this style is here to stay.

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7I Boho Chic Succulents

Channel your inner bohemian with various succulents in your home this spring. Succulents are low maintenance and versatile. They’re so easy to care for, and they’re so irresistible! Succulents come in a variety of species, colors, and sizes. Pair your succulents with your favorite bohemian chic prints and designs. The rich textiles will offset white walls while complimenting the bold hues of your succulents. Go all out in boho chic style with carpets, decorative pillows, throws, and wall art. It’s the only style where you can incorporate numerous prints without overwhelming the room. By adding more earthy plants to the space, you can create a relaxed and laid back ambiance. Mix succulents with other flowers and plants, such as jasmine, honeysuckle, or ivy for an updated look. Add hanging plants and big ferns to create your own bohemian oasis at home or outdoors.

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