Mind-Blowing Interior Design Trends for 2018

Every year world-famous designers surprise us with novelties in interior design trends. Each of them is filled with something new, unique, fresh and original, thanks to a particular color scheme, accessories or the other pieces which create a style of any interior. There are lots of creative ideas, so everyone can find something special to satisfy personal needs and preferences. What should we wait for this year? Well, here we are going to provide you with all the necessary info, so you’ll be able to keep up with the latest news and changes of interior design trends 2018.

Pale Pink or Millennial Pink. This neutral color refuses to go away. Most designers find pale pink to be one of the best colors, which suits home designs the best. It looks sweetly in combination with white or any bright color. There are a lot of unique color combinations, and these 3 are the most interesting variants, combined with a pale pink:

  •                   Teal;
  •                   Dark green;
  •                   Navy blue.

It is a great decision to place a few dark-colored pieces of furniture in a pale pink room. These key items will create cosiness and visible contrast, so you won’t take your eyes off. Still can’t believe this? Then check this gorgeous range offered by iFurnitureassembly LLC.

Come Back To 70s. Do you miss the sweet 1970s? If the answer is “yes”, this one is what you are searching for. It is about bringing old-fashioned furniture back to life. The old-fashioned items which seem to be gone are given the second chance. Refresh your 50-year-old sofa: change the upholstery into the other one. If it is not what you want, there is another solution — purchasing a new retro style sofa in a furniture shop. This creative decision will provide your home with the atmosphere of the 1970s.

Wall-Sized Art. Do you know which color will match your furniture or suit your room the best? If so, you need to think about some interesting pictures or paintings to fulfil the room design and create a harmonious combination of colors, furniture, and additional interior accessories.

A piece of art may inspire you as well as provide with special atmosphere and mood. A beautiful painting will catch your guests’ eyes. The art is going to be the main item in the room, that’s why the walls should be white in the room. The painting will receive the whole attention and the accent will be on it.

Dark Wood. This well-known trend has obtained the popularity all over the world during recent years. The dark wood looks very elegant and decent. The most famous combination is «black and white». Usually, it includes white walls and dark wood furniture. Furthermore, white brick wall tiles suit this design perfectly.

Wabi-Sabi. There are three words which characterize this style:

  •                   Imperfect,
  •                   Impermanent,
  •                   Incomplete.

The sense of this style is finding beauty in imperfective things. The authenticity is a key for this style. Therefore, the designers use only the natural materials for wabi-sabi to provide the customers with the unique impression of design. The most popular materials are terracotta and wood. Wood furniture looks naturally. This is exactly what wabi-sabi needs. To show this style, we should rely on chaos. If you have any piece of furniture which is unmade, put it in the room. It will be so-called “artfully mussed”. Moreover, you may leave some parts of the room unfinished to get this look. But you should feel the difference between the features of the wabi-sabi style and day-to-day clutter.

PANTONE 18-3838 UltraViolet. It is a dramatically provocative color. It prompts us to familiarize ourselves with something new as well as cognize a world beyond our own. The ultraviolet color brings to mind the night sky which is full of stars. Since it has become common to convey deep thoughts through the elementary ordinary things, the famous designers have started using this color to convey meaning and inspiration. There are three words which characterize UltraViolet:

  •                Dreaminess,
  •                Originality,
  •                Ingenuity.

This inspirational color looks perfect on the walls of bright furnished rooms. Also, the furniture with elements of the ultraviolet color creates warm home atmosphere.

Tropical Paradise. This is the most favorite one in the list of the latest trends in interior design. It is about a piece of nature in your house. “The more foliage, the more comfortable” — is the credo of this design. Put some palms on the board and the bedside table; add a few exotic plants to bring some life to your room. Furthermore, flowers will bring freshness and coloration. Place plants with flowers randomly. The creativity is welcome.

Metal Combination. This home interior design trend is out of the ordinary. We used to arrange the room with the only one metal type. However, this novelty is gaining popularity. Pick some different types of metal. Choose the dominant one for the accent. Put the other types near the dominant. Also, combinations of various metallic colors look very good.

Tropical Vibes. As it was previously mentioned, it is time for nature today. Give some life and summer to your room with the help of the tropical vibe style. Stick the wallpaper with the pattern of aloe or tropical flowers. It will refresh the area and give summer spirit.


It is not too late to start keeping up with fashion. The home interior design trends can amaze you with the variety of wonderful types. At first sight, some of them may look strange, but in fact, each of them has its own beauty. These mind-blowing trends are obliged to provide any room with a unique style.


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