7 Things to Consider When Purchasing an Australian Made Tapware Set

When you’re looking to buy a new tapware set, there are a few things you need to consider. Not all tapware sets are created equal, some are made with better quality materials than others.

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It is essential to select a tapware set that was designed to last longer and save you money in the long term by demanding less repair and maintenance.

Australia made tapware and fitting system components can be utilized in many areas of plumbing, including kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, gardens, and swimming pools. Various kinds of Australian-made tapware sets are available to help enhance your residence. 

Here are seven tips to help you choose the right tapware set for your home.

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Cheap, low-quality brands will most likely not last long. The material you choose is also an important factor. High-quality tapware companies that use chrome or stainless steel are likely to last even longer. 

There are a few factors for our appreciation of steel. Understand what makes steel popular for kitchen interiors: durability. Steel does not deform or flex out of shape as quickly as other materials over time. If properly maintained, it will endure as long as necessary.


You don’t have to spend much money to acquire excellent tapware. You should find the right balance between a long-lasting product and your money. Make sure to choose the product that will suit your budget.

It is not uncommon for a high-quality tap to cost approximately $150 and $300. There are less expensive choices available, but ensure they are strong and of high quality, if you want them to outlast. A complete tap setup will cost roughly $1,000, and the most expensive fits can exceed $10,000. Pricing is typically a greater quality indicator than any other factor.

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Warranties are incredibly important, particularly when buying appliances and installations. Make sure the warranty is in writing and includes all labor and parts. Check with your state’s customer care agency to determine whether they have any complaints about certain brands on file.

Warranties are generally a great idea, but they’re especially important if you reside in a place prone to power shortages. During power outages, some faucets will not function. High-quality products will also typically include after-sales assistance and guarantees, providing added confidence in your purchase.


When looking for the perfect tapware, it is important to consider its functionality and how it will look in your home. Make sure that whatever design decisions can be made regarding this choice have been considered before selecting one product over another.

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Filtered Water

Several brands of tapware include an installed water filter.

Size of the Basin or Bath

Ensure that you choose and install the correct size of tapware that fits your basin or bath.

Replacement parts

The majority of producers are pleased to provide replacement components for their taps. If something is wrong with your faucet, it can be a simple repair with the replacement parts available. It’s usually a good idea to double-check with the supplier before proceeding.

Australian-Made Tapware Brands

Call the brand directly and select your selection from there to ensure you’re buying Australian-made tapware. If you want something customized or tailor built for your kitchen or bathroom, these brands can help because they may be able to produce it for you. 

Here are some of the known Australian-made tapware brands.

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Faucet Strommen

Faucet Strommen is a modern tapware manufacturer based in Kerang, Victoria’s Murray Valley. They are proud of their items and constantly push the boundaries of style with their tapware. Their Pegassi tapware gets a high Wels rating of 6 stars. Also, with their product warranties, they provide a customized strategy.

Ram Taps

Ram Taps has been producing tapware for over 70 years and is one of Australia’s largest tapware producers. They specialize in designing and producing bathroom fixtures that fulfill demanding Australian Standards. They presently export their tapware to Fiji, Vanuatu, Noumea, Papua New Guinea, Vietnam, and New Zealand.

Sussex Taps

Sussex Taps are based in Melbourne and provide amazing quality and detail with their tapware. What distinguishes this enterprise is that it has been handed down throughout several family generations. The Sussex Taps team can make your vision a reality if you require something unique.

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Astra Walker

Astra Walker is an independently family-owned firm that manufactures some of its tapware and bathroom products in Australia. Their tapware is almost definitely made in Australia. Astra Walker is the company to go with for block-colored tapware. They have a 15-year warranty on their items and provide a variety of contemporary and vintage tapware styles.


So, what are you waiting for? Start browsing through our range of Australian-made tapware sets today and find the perfect one for your home. Whether you’re looking for something sleek and modern or traditional and timeless, we have a set that perfectly complements your décor. And remember, if you need any help choosing the right set for your needs, consult professionals.


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