Real Estate View: What Should I Look for in an Apartment?

For everyone, moving to a different apartment can be a really interesting opportunity.

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However, it’s crucial to control your excitement and avoid getting ahead of yourself. An apartment might have many issues you can’t see with the unaided eye. The apartment may even be generally prohibited. Therefore, inspecting the apartment before agreeing to rent it thoroughly is crucial. 

Apartment Examination

Before you accept your contract, you should have an evaluation of the apartment. In addition to giving you a secure, nicer place to live, this can help prevent or reduce potential conflicts with your homeowner over the property’s overall condition.

Accomplishing an apartment check guarantees that everything is resolved to your satisfaction and stops your management company from blaming you for any pre-existing problems when it comes time to leave. 

Before you start moving into the apartment, your property manager might even have the chance to discuss the particular problems you discover. Give the apartment a nearer once-over by concentrating on each area individually.

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Things to Consider During an Apartment Inspection

There are a lot of sites that let you browse and purchase apartments in various areas. Online web pages, such as Real Estate View, feature thousands of properties from Australia’s top real estate agents, both for sale and rent. But before actually renting a new place, here are some important things you need to consider.

1. Lease

While inspecting the apartment is crucial, it is also a good place to check over anything you sign before moving in. The lease contains all the arrangements’ details and what you will require. Before signing, read this document and voice every issue you may have. 

Many people have been caught off guard after discovering their rental lease agreement information.

2. Electrical Devices and Power Outlets

Many items we need daily, like power cords, kitchen equipment, and televisions, need a power source to operate. 

You must carry a small device to connect to each available outlet once you visit an apartment to ensure they are all functional. Check that the lights in the apartment building switch on and off properly by testing them all. You might be in trouble if you start moving in without testing these, and it soon turns out they do not even work.

3. Water Temperature and Pressure

We must cope with this every day even though it typically goes unnoticed. 

There’s nothing quite like inconsistent water temperature and excessively delicate or hard water pressure. While examining the apartment, you cannot take a shower, but you can check the temperature and pressure with your hand to ensure these are appropriate. Before you start moving in, speak with the homeowner or company if you start noticing any problems and ask if they can do anything to fix them.

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4. Walls

Look particularly near the windows and ventilators for fractures, systemic holes, or signs of water leakage. Please note any tiny holes you discover from old pictures or other sources, so your real estate manager knows them.

Examine the painting while keeping an eye out for problems. There shouldn’t be any chips along the wall, and it should feel polished. Additionally, the apartment’s walls must have the same color scheme.

5. Smoke Alarm

A smoke detector should be in every bedroom, as well as by the front gate and the kitchen. Ensure these all function effectively by testing each detector. Inquire about the maturity level of each smoke alarm and the most recent time the landlord changed the batteries. 

Find out whether the apartment has fire extinguishers, and check whether they are in good working condition.

6. Cleanliness

Keep an eye out for the apartment’s general tidiness as you perform your quick and comprehensive full inspection. By scanning the area, you can find any small brown pods, insect eggs, cockroaches, or rodent evidence. These might be found around pipes and power wires, in the hot tub, and wall cracks.

Check all of the furniture in furnished rooms for destruction and sanitization.

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7. Phone Signal

More than ever, we cannot live without our mobile phones. It is used by many individuals for various purposes, including job, communication with family members and friends, and sometimes even managing to keep track of daily tasks. It’s a serious issue if you have poor signal in your rented place and can hardly utilize your phone. 

When inspecting the apartment, use your phone or place calls from various locations to ensure that the signal is reliable and up to your criteria.

8. Flooring

Check the rug and the ground for gaps or smudges in every spot, including behind home furnishings. Get down and sniff around for any animal or other odors. Check to see if the flooring and wooden floors emerge up too quickly by tugging on several of their edges. 

9. Fuse Box

Check the fuse box’s contents by opening it up. All the breakers should be on and not tripped. Every fuse must have a clear definition if you ever need to flip a switch while residing in the apartment.

You shouldn’t have to blow each fuse, but check to see if any switches are lacking or broken.

10. Windows

An apartment’s windows are extremely critical. Check the window’s edges with your finger for leakages by running it along each one. A chilly evening in the bedroom may be caused by inadequate insulating material. To ensure that you have a safe, good rest, inspect the locks on the windows.

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It’s crucial to take images of every flaw in an apartment you intend to rent. Ensure you have proof of any damage or issue. If you fail to do so, there is a high likelihood that your damage payment will be forfeited or you will be billed for the harm when you vacate. You’ll probably be responsible for it if you can’t show that it was present before you decided to move in.


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