8 Budget-Friendly Bedroom Makeover Ideas That Look Expensive

Unlike other rooms in your house, decorating the bedroom can prove challenging, especially since you should balance functionality with style.

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The whole focus of bedroom decoration is on creating a beautiful space free of clutter to promote relaxation. This task becomes additionally challenging if you are working with a small bedroom space or a limited budget.

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Regardless of your preferred style and design, your bedroom makeover should result in a dream-worthy spot featuring comfortable linens and furniture. The guide below can help you transform your dull bedroom magically.

1.  Pick Your Preferred Design Style

Bedrooms are personal spaces that should accurately reflect your personality. It should bring out a calming ambiance that influences relaxation. Consider the following as you choose your preferred bedroom design style:

  • If you prefer a minimalistic interior, choosing simple and compact bedroom items, such as these pink footstools (https://www.plushy.co.uk/footstools/pink/) and minimal décor, is a good place to begin.
  • If you like bohemian décor, you can update your bedroom with natural textures and matching bedding. You can also choose mixed colors and patterns.
  • If you enjoy piled-on colors, bold furniture, animal prints, and maximalist style might be your perfect taste.
  • Go for the grand millennial style if vintage furniture, whitewashed walls and floors, glamorous chandeliers, and pale color palettes appeal to you.
  • If you love the beach and want a coast-like appearance in your bedroom, white and beige neutrals that mimic the coastal sand, pops of blue to resemble water, and light sheer curtain fabrics can excellently bring out the coastal vibe.
  • If you prefer something minimalist yet modern, the warm and inviting wood, wool, and stone textures of the modern organic style should be your preferred design.

Interestingly, most homeowners aren’t sure what they’d prefer for their bedroom style. If you are in this fold, research extensively and consult interior design experts.

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2.  Carefully Choose Your Colors

You should also choose good colors to improve the appearance of your bedroom. Unknown to most people, the color choice significantly impacts the ambiance and overall appearance. Neutral colors, such as cream whites, beige, ice blues, and soft grays, have a calming and relaxing effect. These colors also offer endless versatility, making them a good choice for bedrooms.

Choosing bedroom colors allows you to create a color palette featuring various complementing colors. Most interior designers recommend a minimalist approach. With this, you can create a comforting environment, which is perfect for falling asleep quicker.

You can also add color to your bedroom in many ways. For instance, you can add fabric, bedding, and furniture featuring your favorite color options. To inject some style into the bedroom, consider layering items, mixing various fabrics, and switching the color schemes seasonally.

You should adhere to the 60:30:10 interior design rule when choosing colors for your bedroom makeover. 60% of the space (probably walls) should be covered by dominant color, a secondary color should take 30%, and 10% by accents.

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The primary color should preferably be neutral as you can build upon it easily. Observing this rule creates a perfect balance in your interior décor, ensuring that your bedroom isn’t overstimulated or understimulated.

3.  Think About the Layout and Size of Your Bedroom

The layout and size of your bedroom are a big determinant of the space available for the makeover. It also affects space utilization, especially in terms of furniture arrangement. For instance, you will need a bigger room to include a home office in your makeover. Below are the common bedroom layouts:

  • Small and narrow bedrooms – These spaces are enough for a sizable bed. If your bedroom is small, you should maximize the available options without cluttering the room. Additions like multi-functional furniture and beds with hidden storage are good options.
  •  Full-size master bedrooms – These bedrooms have enough space for the king or queen-sized beds. These layouts also allow for additional bedside lamps, tables, dressers, and chairs. You can also include a footbed bench.
  • Extra-long master suites – Master suites have sufficient space. You can modify it with walk-in closets and opt for comfortable furniture instead of the dresser. You can also comfortably include a desk, bench, large plant, and a reading corner to occupy awkward corners.
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4.  Decorative Molding

Decorative molding is probably the most affordable way of making your bedroom appear expensive. With some time to spare and little DIY knowledge, you can install decorative molding on your bedroom walls. If you have doubts about proper installation, consider hiring a professional for a quality installation. For a sophisticated appearance, use the same color on your walls on the molding.

5.  Include Curvy Items

Curvy shapes can make your simple bedroom appear expensive. Bedrooms with straight and clean lines fall flat. To add some depth and interest, use various shapes in your bedroom. If the focus is to make the room look expensive, curvy items, such as mirrors, furniture feet, lamps, and other accessories, are an excellent choice.

6.  Add Metallic Items

You can bring luxe to your bedroom and any other room by adding some metallic surfaces. However, you should be cautious to avoid overdoing it. A simple gold leaf mirror, a few vintage pieces of silver, and a brass table are enough to make your bedroom look expensive.

7.  Dimmer Switches

Customizing your bedroom lighting is also a straightforward way of improving the appearance of your bedroom. While there are other various lighting options, you should prioritize dim lighting. Though it sounds simple and silly, everything and everyone looks way better in dim lights. For all light fixtures in your bedroom, living room, and other parts of your home, be sure to set up a dimmer switch.

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8.  Custom Window Treatments

Custom window treatment also adds richness to your bedroom interior. While minimalist curtains and neutral draperies add sophisticated texture, bold curtains provide the much-needed color pop into your bedroom. This becomes even better if you already have bold-colored bedroom bedding, wall art, and furniture.


You shouldn’t necessarily spend a lot to make your bedroom look luxurious. Integrating these simple bedroom makeover ideas can magically transform your private space. Working with experts not only improves the appearance of your bedroom but also makes it a perfect calming and relaxation space.


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