8 Convincing Reasons to Start Your Bathroom Remodel Project Today

Thinking about giving your bathroom a facelift? The project will take time and money, but it will be well worth the effort. There are dozens of reasons why someone might choose to remodel their bathroom. Here we’ve listed 8 of the most common reasons, to help you decide if remodeling your bathroom is right for you.

1. Enjoy a New Look

First and foremost, a bathroom remodel is an exciting chance to give your bathroom a new aesthetic. When you remodel any part of your home, you get the satisfaction of having full control over the way it looks. So whether you’re getting ready in the morning or bathing your babies at night, you’ll love spending time in every part of your home.

2. Make a Safer Space

Outdated bathrooms can be hazardous in many ways. If there are cracked, slippery tiles, water leaks, or other safety issues, remodeling can help fix the problem. A bathroom can also be remodeled to accommodate special needs or to suit an aging person who needs more assistance when showering or using the restroom.

3. Add Modern Features

Bathroom plumbing has come a long way over the years, and if you’re looking to make your space more convenient, a bathroom remodel is a great way to achieve that goal. Pick a state-of-the-art toilet with self-flushing or even self-cleaning features. Install motion-sensor sinks or dimmable lighting. Relish in the joy of modern technology.

4. Fix Plumbing

Plumbing issues that go ignored will only cause bigger problems down the line. Fix any plumbing problems like leaky pipes or broken toilets by giving the whole bathroom an overhaul. You’ll avoid flooding and other problems that could pop up in the future.

5. Increase Efficiency and Sustainability

Remodeling is almost always a chance to increase the efficiency and sustainability of your home, no matter what room you choose to tackle. The bathroom is an especially great chance to reduce water usage and decrease utility bills overall.

6. Add to Home Value

A beautifully updated bathroom is something you’ll enjoy for years to come, and it’s something future buyers will enjoy too. A remodeled bathroom will add to the value of your home, so you’ll reap the benefits if you decide to sell your home a few years later.

7. Expand the Footprint

If you’ve been working with a tiny bathroom, you may choose to remodel to expand the footprint of the space. By adding more square footage to your bathroom, you’ll be able to add luxurious features like a larger shower, multiple sinks, or shelving units and cupboards.

8. Get Rid of Mold

Black mold and other forms of mildew can wreak havoc on the health of you and your family. Remodeling the bathroom will give you a clean slate and a chance to eliminate any hazardous mold and mildew problems.

Get Started Today

Ready to tackle a bathroom remodel of your own, but not sure how you’ll pay for it? A great way to find home improvement financing is to ask contractors that give you bids on your project to see if they offer any financing options. Many companies will partner with banks so they can offer their customers different payment plans to provide the most convenience for homeowners. For other financing options, you can talk with your bank or credit union to talk options. Just make sure you understand how much the total will come to with interest rates and monthly payments. You can create an incredible space without having to sacrifice for the sake of your budget.


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