How to repair the roofing

Somehow or other, we have all seen a roof that is falling part of the fogging, because the rod is rusted. But, did you know that the repair of this problem is relatively easy?

It is extremely important that, if your roof has these deteriorating characteristics, repair it as soon as the problem is detected. When the area that presents the problem is small, it is easy to repair, even by yourself. If you ignore the problem than it will get bigger day by day and it will be very difficult to repair a larger part of it as compared to the that small portion. So, its highly recommended that you should repair it as soon as you find out about the problem.

If you have never done that kind of work than you should leave it to expert from Cherry and Clark.

Next, a simple procedure so you can repair small areas on your roof that confront problems like this:

  1. First of all, it is vital to correct moisture problems in the ceiling.
  2. Once the leaks in the roof have been eliminated, you can repair the areas where the fogging is falling.
  3. With a ladder and using gloves and safety glasses, begin to remove the peeling that is detached.
  4. Remove all affected plaster and if you notice that there are still areas that sound hollow or detached, continue to remove the material.
  5. Once all the loose patching has been removed, the ceiling area should be thoroughly cleaned.
  6. Then, it is time to protect the exposed rod by painting it with red oxide, which can be obtained in any hardware store of your choice.
  7. Once the rust has dried, apply a bonding agent (“bonding agent”). This is the blue or yellow paint that is applied to the walls before they are dyed, so that the new plastering adheres well to the ceiling concrete.
  8. Once the adhesive is dry, you can proceed to prepare the mixture for the fogging. For this it is recommended that you use the We3 W350 ready mix. This product comes in ready-to-use bags and you just have to add water according to the instructions. It also contains fiber that makes the mixture more resistant and the final finish smoother than regular fogging.
  9. Use a clean bucket to make the mixture. For each bag of Mix List W350, use one gallon of water. Never add more water than recommended since the mixture will be very soft and will fall off when you apply it to the ceiling.
  10. When you have the W350 mixture ready to apply, you can proceed to repack the roof. For this you will need a trowel, float and sponge. If the area to be patched is deep, you should apply the mixture list by layers of up to two inches.

When you have applied the final coat, wait until it has a hard consistency, but not completely dry, so you can finish with the fleet and then finish with the sponge. All ready. You have just learned how to repair a roof overlap.


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