8 Instagram Influencers to Turn To For Interior Decorating Inspiration

If you are the kind of person who collects paint samples every time you go to the hardware store so you can dream about what you are going to do next with your kitchen, but you haven’t started following the top interior design influencers on Instagram, now is the time to change that.

Interior designers have accounts that will inspire you no matter what your taste, and they often even tag the accounts connected to the items in their photos so you can easily find them for purchase.

Planning your next remodel was never so easy as it is now, when you can simply log on to Instagram and check out these accounts who have worked with a provider like ViralRace to build their accounts with real followers who love their content.

You too, will love this new way of getting fantastic new ideas and shopping for all your favorite items on Instagram.

1. Anne Sage

Anne Sage’s luxurious Instagram account documents her own lifestyle and family life, sharing pictures of her home with its clean design, plenty of open space and light colors. She recently had a baby and most of her posts over the last year have focused on her journey with pregnancy, but her photos always tag the accounts where you can find the best of the items in her home, and the nursery is whimsical enough to make anyone jealous.

2. Becki Owens

To focus her work, Becki Owens keeps the words “inspiring” and “elegant” in her mantra. It shows in all the work she does, which is sort of in her blood. She knew she wanted to do interior design from a young age when she would help her father mix colors in his paint store. On her Instagram account, she shares the photos of her work on her personal home, before and after shots of other jobs, photos of inspiring homes, and videos touring some of the most gorgeous rooms in the house.

3. Kelly Wearstler

Vogue called Kelly Wearstler a design phenomenon, and that she is. Her style is distinct, bold and classy. She captures patterns and colors that are relaxed enough to fit into a BoHo motif, while being sturdy enough to stand up to any design narrative. Her work can be found in some of the most prominent homes and businesses, and her Instagram account is full of eye-popping photos with inspirational captions.

4. Melanie Lissack

Melanie Lissack is obsessive about DIY projects, and her Instagram account shares inspiration and links to her full how-tos, for those projects you just can’t resist. She expertly combines a classic look full of pretty light pinks and blues, with bold primary colors, to create visions that surprisingly do not clash.

One of the best things about this Instagram account is how real its presentation is. She decides she wants to try a project, then shares how it went for all of us to enjoy and maybe even try ourselves.

5. Sophie Robinson

Sophie Robinson is the color queen of interior design. So much that she has her own set of courses on the psychology of color to help you understand the way colors make you feel so that you, too, can have a colorful, vibrant home. Her incredible home photos almost always include tags where you can find the products she features, and you will never again wonder if floral really does go with stripes. If you are curious about patterns and color, this Instagram account will get you familiar with fearless design within a few visits.

7. My Texas House

Erin Vogelpohl, the owner of the My Texas House Instagram account and blog, fell into interior design after moving several times in a short period of time. She found her career passion and never looked back.

Her Instagram posts are mostly of her own home, and the gorgeous design she has partnered with brands to create. She even has her own line of rugs now through Orian Rugs, and her styles have been featured in the New York Times. She loves her family as is evident in her IG account, but don’t ask how she manages to keep all those light colors in her home looking so fresh with three kids.

8. Emily Henderson

Emily Henderson’s comfortable, casual style is showcased in the perfect Instagram account for anyone looking for some down-to-earth inspiration for their home. A NYT bestselling author, her lifestyle blog includes anything you could possibly want to know about fashion within reason.

She is a DIY enthusiast, and her sensibility is everything you didn’t know you could have so easily. Her Instagram posts tell you where you can get everything featured in the photos, and you might find surprises in the classy looks that she creates. While there are some definite luxury splurge items, she knows where to go all out and where it works to stay sensible for the perfect look in any room.


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