9 Artists Under 30 Every Design Student Should Know

As a design student, you should definitely keep abreast of the most common trends in the industry.

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Besides, you should know people who currently make the agenda and set those trends.

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In this article, we are going to talk about the top artists under 30 whose artworks have already been recognized across the world. To make this list, we requested the help of essay writers who help EssayHub write essays for money and know where to look for this kind of information. So, let’s dive in!

Trisha Baga

Trisha Baga is a young artist who lives in New York. She is known for generating lots of video and performance work. Baga believes that real art is about both absorbing what the world offers and mirroring it back into the world.

Baga is not interested in common things. Instead, she brings novelty in her installations through the use of:

  • light;
  • scenes;
  • improvised props.

Brook Hsu

Brook Hsu is a naturalist and a keen explorer of the physical and inner world. She is a great painter who uses abstraction to captivate viewers. Also, she applies mysticism and spiritualism to add deeper meaning to her works.

Looking at her oil paintings, one feels free to experience love, pain, humor, attraction. Hsu reaches deep down to uncover the hidden emotions of her viewers.

Amalia Ulman

Amalia Ulman advocates for continuous learning. She considers herself a student and has no intention of becoming a teacher. She also tries to reconcile social media with art, using the internet to create thought-provoking content. In other words, Amalia uses humor, social trends, and breaking news to come up with artworks that would represent modern culture.

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Jordan Kasey

You’ll know that it’s Kasey’s work the moment you see it. Her bright colors are not easy to confuse with somebody else’s artwork. These oil paintings will take your breath while you’ll be trying to figure out the portrait.

Kasey’s works are a bit surreal. This psychedelic tone helps to uncover a different side of humanity. At the same time, she always tries to capture timeless human experiences. All her works are very thought-provoking.

Sara Cwynar

A young photographer from New York has also made it to the list of the top artists under 30. This is mostly for her ability to turn any scene into a perfect background for an unusual pic. Her images are always bright and combine several elements that are hard to tie up together.

Cwynar’s exhibitions are known to be quite challenging. She often uses objects that contradict each other to highlight what’s at the core of the image.

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Diedrick Brackens

This young artist is known for his boldness when it comes to allegories. He uses lots of different materials for his artworks, with each being of sentimental significance. Diedrick tries to address sharp social issues with his works, and this uniqueness helps a lot.

Each of his art objects carries its own narrative. He gets inspired by history and creates his works using cotton as a primary material.

Will Sheldon

Another artist who finds peace in psychedelia is a famous young painter Will Sheldon. Sometimes, he assembles tropes that are not usually combined. He creates an image or a tattoo playing with the feelings different objects invoke in people.

Will is dedicated to the idea of learning by putting different things together. He explains art as a continuous search for new meaning. He believes he finds it in every new tattoo.

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Jasper Spicero

Spicero’s name is all over the things he designed and made on his own. He’s always been known for his imagination, and now he applies it in practice.

Spicero creates various objects out of plastic and assembles them together, forming an installation. This modern form of sculpturing inspired by the world around us is dedicated to ruining monotony and banality.

Eva LeWitt

Eva LeWitt is known for her sculpturing art practice with the use of plastic, latex, rubber, and other soft materials. She uses walls or ceilings to place her artworks on them. This is believed to represent how simple things can change the background.

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Eva LeWitt expertly incorporates color into different materials to create interconnected sculptures. These colors generate energy and vibration and call for different feelings in her viewers.


If you are a design student, you must know what’s going on in the art industry. Even if you don’t belong to painting or sculpting, art and design usually share the trends. Therefore, knowing people who set the agenda is a must if you want to be successful in your own career.


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