Transform Your Home into a Modern Retreat

Whether your home was built half a century ago or is newly built, capturing the modern appeal in your living space is simple with the right décor. While modern design schemes tend to be synonymous with luxury (and therefore costly), you can add modern touches to any space without breaking the bank. If you’re looking to transform your home into a modern retreat, consider these décor tips and strategies.

It’s All About Order

Modern style is about clean lines and clear spaces, so you may need to gear up for a home décor purge to start. Get rid of any cluttered up knick knacks, sell old, bulky furniture on a website like OfferUp, and clear shelves and table spaces so that you’re working with a blank canvas. Modern style lends itself to minimalism, and futuristic mediums and materials should serve as the true star of your living spaces. For the things you want to hang onto, look for great storage solutions that uniquely use the space you have. It could be a footstool that doubles as storage for blankets, or vertical shelving that saves as much floor space as possible. Get creative with your storage options and keep every room in the house mess-free. It will contribute to the modern motif and help keep your stress levels low.

Furniture Needs

When choosing furniture that encompasses the modern appeal, look for pieces that are made up of clean edges and straight lines. Avoid excessively intricate carved wood pieces, forgo brightly patterned fabrics, and stay away from luxurious looking finishes. The best modern furniture pieces are made from base materials such as metal and unfinished wood. If you have an outdoor living space that you’d like to complement the modern motif, consider concrete outdoor patio furniture from Belson. You can also use glass to your advantage. The more reflective surfaces you have in your space, the larger it’s apt to appear. Use mirrored shelves and tables to add some reflective power to any space, whether it be the living room or bedroom.

Decorating the Walls

If you want to bring the modern feel into your home, your first step should be to find contemporary artwork. These can serve as the mainstays in any room, providing a focal point on which to base all other decoration additions. Websites like offer a variety of modern décor pieces and canvas style prints that are sure to add some flavor to your home. Whether you pick from their Banksy-style pieces or choose abstract paintings that evoke feelings of calm, you’ll find a show-stopping piece on this site for sure. Always go big and bold—it comes across as more elegant and will do wonders in your efforts to bring your décor into the 21st century. If you’re looking for more artistic objects to hang on the walls, consider marbled clocks, simple white matte frames with pictures of destinations and loved ones, or even mirrors (as mentioned earlier, these can make all the difference in expanding a small space).

Illuminate Your Home

If you want your newly-decorated modern home to appear larger and more spacious—hallmarks of contemporary design appeal—it’s important to use lighting to your advantage. Don’t rely on overhead lighting to do all the work; using light effectively means gathering light sources of varied levels. That could mean motion-detecting floor way lights in the hall that illuminate when you and guests pass by, floor lamps perfect to read by, and table lamps designed to set the tone for great conversation. Let 1000 Bulbs handle all of your lighting needs and shed some light on all the major improvements you’ve now made in your home décor.

Transforming your home into a modern oasis needn’t be a difficult task. With the right artwork, furniture, and organization, revamping your décor is a breeze.


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