9 Great Ways to Add Appeal to Your Walls

A great way to transform the look and feel of your entire home in an easy way is decorating the walls. There are a huge number of ways you can decorate the walls in your home. Some of these ways are quite unique, and can help your walls make a statement. So, gear up to add some aesthetic appeal to your home by decorating your walls. Listed below are some wall decoration ideas for you to get some inspiration.


  1. Use stylish silhouttes in kitchen


To give a culinary-inspired touch to silhouette, make cutouts of cooking appliances and utensils, and use them as subject matter for your kitchen wall decoration. Get some pages photocopied from your old cookbook, and use them as the background for the cutouts. Place the cutouts over the photocopied pages, and frame them. Put these frames on your kitchen wall. This decoration matches with the country style of a kitchen.


  1. Use jewelry for art


Display a collection of different vintage brooches and pins on a wall. You can put them inside a photo frame, and place the photo frame on a wall, to give a unique look to your wall.


  1. Give a touch of nature


You can bring the outdoors inside your home using artwork. If you have a sunny sitting room with a large window offering a great outside view, place some pictures of small butterfly prints on a wall in that room. Such artwork would blend well with such a room.


  1. Use landscape blueprints as art


Head to flea markets and antique shops, and look for some vintage landscape blueprints, which also make great wall art.


  1. Decorate with magnetic die boards


If making die cut projects is one of your hobbies, then you can decorate your walls in a great way using those dies. All you need is a magnetic die board. Stick all your dies in the dieboard and hang it on a wall. This would make a unique wall decoration.



  1. Add floating shelves in small space

 If your kitchen space is small, that doesn’t mean you can’t decorate your kitchen well. Hang a few floating shelves on a wall, at staggering angles. Fill up the shelves with attractive china patterns and different frames. To draw attention to this display, get the shelves painted in a contrasting color.


  1. Go for a collection of sceneries


If you have a blank wall, fill it up with a number of small sceneries. Soft, natural landscapes give a soothing look and feel to the room. To get cohesion, get images of the same size, and arrange the image frames on the wall in a grid pattern.


  1. Go for headboard art


Use some framed prints for filling up the blank space behind the bed, on the wall. This arrangement serves as a headboard, and gives an interesting look to the room. To make a gridlike appearance, make use of square, black frames. Hang these frames close to each other, leaving a gap of 2 to 3 inches between the edges of the frames.


  1. Create an upper gallery


Add a gallery of picture frames on the soffit above cabinets in the kitchen, or above a big window. Consider using matching frames for the collection, and put fun prints and some of your favorite snapshots in them. If the space is colorful, go for using black and white images. In case, the space is more leaned towards neutral, choose a collection of colorful art works.


Go for implementing these ideas in your wall décor, to give an aesthetic appeal to your home. You can amazingly adorn the walls of your home with these simple and easy ways.


Mia Jones lives in California. She is working as Content Developer in Advanced Die Supplies, Inc. She loves to pen down her expertise in her blogs. In this article, she is talking about step by step guide for removing adhesive from concrete.


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