9 Original Themes to Design Exciting Kids’ Rooms

When deciding to create a dream world for our kids, we always look for unique ways to design something special, where kids will have fun, sleep, explore and play with their friends. Their rooms should be aesthetically pleasing, but also functional and practical. Cheerful and colorful on one side, safe and meeting the highest quality standards, if possible, on the other side. Children are naturally creative and expressive, so making the room for active play and art is essential.

Setting up a lovely place like your child room needs imagination and creativity, or finding a specialist such as interior designers or  well-known children’s brand where you can find quality products and a lot of inspiration. Here we show you some original themes we liked very much from the Danish brand LIFETIME , to make these spaces awesome so that both you and your children can enjoy for many years.

With brightly illustrated bedfront, bed linen, duvet covers,  rugs and cushions,  each one of them has a particular charm, being carefully designed to make kids’ dreams come true. Their furniture items are all made from sustainable materials (pine wood) grown in the forests of Northern Scandinavia, so their quality is the highest possible. Besides, a wide range of cool matching accessories (storage solutions, high-quality mattresses, large wardrobes, nice colored bookcases or toy cabinets, delightful details) are available to put the finishing touch to the bed and the whole room.

Smallest details make all! Take children’s bedrooms to the next level with these 9 gorgeous themes below. Let imagination run wild and have fun with decorating, and also check out other inspiring ideas for your children’s rooms on Designlike.










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