Wooden Coffee Table with Red Accents by Archinteriors

A little while ago, we were sharing with you a gorgeous, fresh interior design of a small apartment in Bucharest, Romania, signed by Romanian design studio Archinteriors. We liked their work, so we check out if they have other ongoing projects and we discovered this very appealing coffee table 100% made ​​of wood designed by interior architect Monica Corduneanu. The world that surrounds us is an inexhaustible source of inspiration and talented designers always manage to achieve amazing results starting most of the time from simple ideas.


The story concept of the little table entitled suggestively “Spiral” has its roots in the form of a snail shell, a spiral-like shape that she tried to broadly translate through the geometric arrangement of table legs. “Spiral” is a coffee table with personality and beautiful detailing. Its simple countertop made of fir wood is give with stain to accentuate the fibers and is highlighted by etching of circles corresponding to the legs.

The natural and colored parts of the countertop taken into consideration both technical and design reasons. The two thin slices, red and white, is a lovely addition that gives more personality to this coffee table, solving also the problem of hiding grips. Measuring L 60 x l 40 x h 42 cm, it’s lightweight and the red painted accents make the furniture item to stand out. Its geometry imprints the space interesting shadows, especially if you place it as much as possible in light or near a lamp. What do you think? Would go for this type of furniture?




Photos © Archinteriors


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