Steel and Wood Combined to Create Cool Pendant Lamps

How do you change a setting with a lamp? The answer to this question can be these wonderful series of pendant lamps called “Slope” that we’d like in our home or office. And this is not just because any project that helps us create multiple color accents is received with open arms, but also because it would totally change the dynamic scenery.

The collaboration between Italian brand Miniforms and the Milan-based design studio Skrivo led to this eye-catching design inspired by the shapes of mountains and hills, a design that will make a contemporary decor interesting and unique. The concept draws attention through its a creative approach to form, functionality and color. The designers beautifully mixed steel and wood, two distinctly different materials, creating modern conicalhanging lights with industrial appeal. Based on the same creative idea, yet each piece comes with a special approach and with every standpoint you are likely to discover surprising details.


Clean lines and pleasant colors (yellow, gray, & white) , the unique look of  “Slope” pendant lamps is enhanced by the 3D volumes created by carving into the cones, technique that unveils nicely also the inner grains of their beech wood top. They consists of a gray & white stripe woven fabric cable and collabsible conical structure which make them very easy to assemble and transport. A very classy lighting object transformed into a highly appealing version, perfectly suitable for a large variety of modern settings.




Photos © Gabriele Lemanski

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