9 Pros & 6 Cons of Steam Showers – Should You Have One?

A steam shower in your own home is a reasonable way to comfort and relax your body and enjoy a lot of health benefits. It relies on the moist heat for warming your body.

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They are a little cooler than typical saunas and the temperature is between 110-120 degrees F. It could operate up to 100% humidity that is far hotter.

The steam from the best steam shower could produce a moist, warm and soothing environment that provides an opportunity to comfort and relax those solid muscles and refresh your tired body even without running warm water for a long period. Though a steam shower has many advantages, there are some advantages as well.

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Pros of having a steam shower:

Everyone deserves a relaxing time after a tiring and long day at work. You could enjoy a spa-like feeling and comfort at your house instead of going to a spa and this could be done by installing a steam shower in the bathroom. The pros of installing a steam shower are:

  • It promotes your blood circulation:

Increase in moisture and warm steam helps open tiny blood vessels as well as improving blood flow that delivers oxygen to your body and lowers your blood pleasure to keep your heart healthier. It could also repair the broken tissue of the skin.

  • Nourishes your skin:

A steam shower could open the skin pores and allow the release of trapped sebum. The moist warm also helps to remove dead cells, bacteria, dirt and other harmful elements from your skin which blocks the pores.

  • Lubricate and hydrate your dry skin:

The moisture and warmth help increase oil production that moisturizes your skin. It promotes elastin and collagen production that results in younger and firmer looking skin. Steam prepares hair follicles for making shaving and waxing easier.

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  • Relaxes your body muscles:

The steam heat could penetrate the deep muscle tissue that helps to reduce soreness and soothes the nerve endings.

  • Loosen your stiff joints:

You could take a steam shower just before you start doing any kind of exercise because this would loosen the stiff joints and prevent injuries that enable you to reach higher mobility throughout workout activities.

  • It reduces stress:

Steam causes all your tension to go away and helps your body to release endorphins. It also reduces the cortisol level and makes you feel rejuvenated and relaxed. It promotes restful and deep sleep and increases the possible pattern of natural sleep.

  • Removes toxins:

Steam shower could remove extra toxins from your body that reduce excess sodium. It arouses the reduction of the metabolic waste production in your body.

  •  Improves respiratory health:

A steam shower offers relief from the congestion in lungs and sinuses. It also helps to clear nasal passages and loosen your bronchial secretions. It would work like a natural medicine as it soothes your throat. Some doctors suggest it for treating cold and other respiratory symptoms.

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  •  It may help losing weight:

A 15 minutes of steam shower in 114 degrees’ Fahrenheit atmosphere may burn your excess calories but this should be done with a healthy and balanced diet and some exercises as well. Sweating could stimulate your body and increase wellness with losing extra water weight. You should take advice from your doctor about the temperature.

Cons of having a steam shower:

The main problem of installing a steam shower is its cost because not everyone could bear the expenses. The minimum cost of building it is about 4350 dollars. This comes along with a generator of 3 kilowatts and all other necessary fitting that costs 3810 dollars. Moreover, labor cost could not be ignored, that is about 540 dollars because this includes assembling units, preparation of your site, pipe connection with drain line, electrical wires and plumbing supply.

A traditional steam shower would cost about 4000 to 14200 dollars but this depends on the features and size of the stall. Materials including your steam generator could range among 3000-8200 dollars. If the labor installed glass fitters and tiles the cost would increase, which may go around 1000-6000 dollars.

  •  Glass enclosure and shower door cost:

You have to consider the glass type and thickness that you are going to use. Half inch of glass or 3/8 inches’ thick glass is suggested. Rain glass is more expensive than clear glass. Glass doors would cost around 500-1300 dollars and wall enclosures may cost about 700 to 1900 dollars.

  • Installation of wall tiles:

For a 3 x 3 x 7 feet wall enclosure, you have to install 12 x12 inches tiles that would cost around 640 to 1300 dollars.

  • Cost of steam generator:

For 4.5-12 kilowatts generators, you would need 500-2000 dollars but the cost depends on the volume and power. You may find packages that include pressure discharge valves, steam heads and control panels altogether.

There is some extra cost that you should consider for controls, flushing, materials, lighting, seating, aromatherapy and sound system.

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  • Electric bills:

Normal showers use electricity to heat the water but a steam shower needs more electricity because it has to convert the water into steam. You should keep this fact in mind.

  • Dehydration:

Steam showers could be the cause of your dehydration problem if you spend a long time. Thus, it is recommended to drink enough water before going for a steam shower and you should not spend more than twenty minutes inside the enclosure.

  • Risks of harmful bacteria:

A steam shower makes the room humid and warm that may develop germs and bacteria and you may suffer from fungal infections. Thus, it is better to wear your shower shoes and towel inside the steam shower.


A steam shower comes with many advantages and some disadvantages as well. If you could use this carefully, you could avoid most of the cons easily. Those who have no tension about the money, should install a steam shower to get all these advantages above!


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