How a fresh new take on traditional Catholic decor can enhance the aesthetic of your home

While there might be some differences, most Catholic homes have about three things in common, as compared with other types of homes.

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The first includes a font filled with holy water, usually positioned at the entrance of the house. The fonts are set up by the front door and are similar to the ones found in the doorway of a parish church. Upon leaving and entering a home, it makes it possible for you, as well as any visitors to bless your bodies with holy water.

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The Blessings Gesture

A blessing gesture (creating the sign of the cross) is supposed to serve as a reminder that your house is a holy place or sanctuary that has been consecrated to the Lord. Your houseguests might not fully comprehend the purpose of a font. Still, it’s one that may be quickly explained, and even the ones who aren’t of the Catholic faith may become joyous about holy water and having the ability to bless themselves.

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Another common feature of Catholic houses is the placing of a crucifix throughout the home which may be found online when browsing for a “catholic store near me”. In the majority of houses, a crucifix or cross is found in the living room, in addition to all bedrooms. Generally, a living room cross is placed above the door. Visit House of Joppa if you want some great Catholic decor items for your home.

In a bedroom, the crucifix is positioned on any available wall and inside the children’s bedroom, a small crucifix might be tied to a curtain. There’s also a Catholic tradition which has been reserved for people who work in dangerous occupations. Once a worker gets prepared to leave the house, the crucifix is removed from the wall and kissed, then laid on a pillow until the worker’s safe return.

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The existence of the crucifix inside any room is a reminder of the faith the family members feel and assists in providing a focal point while praying.

While using the statuary is a common feature, it’s usually reserved for the final feature of a Catholic home, which is the altar or shrine which also can be found while searching online for a “catholic store near me.”

Focal point for religious activity

Worldwide, most Catholic homes maintain a certain space in their houses that remain as a focal point for religious purposes. This space might be a decorated table or dresser, yet regardless of what it is, it’s mainly reserved for the Lord and the saints.

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Generally, those spots are adorned with a statue or icon which also can be found online when doing a search for a “catholic store near me.” There will be a single candle that signifies prayers and helps to be used as an offering. During special events when the family or an individual has to make a petition to God, this space of décor from a catholic store near me is used for devotion.

Know that the space inside your house is yours and completely represents you and your faith. There are some gorgeous catholic art pieces. If your beliefs that you hold are important to you, they should be reflected in the space that surrounds you!


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