A Glimpse into the Wildness of Nature by Ginger and Jagger

With the desire to bring to the clients the nature pureness, Portugal-based furniture brand Ginger & Jagger reveals us a world of unique designs and unknown wonderful furniture through their splendid “Earth to Earth” Collection. Based on earth, returning to earth, with the most beautiful forms and materials that nature has to offer, the collection features rare furniture pieces produces in Oporto, Portugal, that combines the aesthetics of nature and the expertise of their designers.


With this in mind, Ginger & Jagger high-end brand has released new products entitled “Nenuphar Coffee table” and “Fragments Mirror”, two items that rank high in originality as well as in functionality. The use of different materials and textures gives life to the design and shape irregular yet organic surfaces, creating an attractive visual effect. The original-looking coffee table design was inspired by a water-lily that floats on the surface softly giving color and charm to the surrounding environment.

Its different sized tops overflow in several heights and the leafs veins are outlined by the marquetry technique, making it interesting to observe in detail. On the other side, the design features of the elegant mirror draw attention through asymmetrical contour and the she several finishings that can bring more warm or winter feeling. Both the items go great in contemporary settings, enhancing the aspect of the space, and don’t be surprised if they will soon turn out to be the highlight of the room. “Nenuphar Coffee Table” has tops made of walnut veneer and lacquer finishing available in all colors (matt or gloss finishing), while leg are from combination of crystal acrylic, brass, copper or nickel. “Fragments Mirror”‘s frame is from brass, copper or nickel, and laquer finishing also available in all colors. How would you comment on these two furniture pieces?






Photos © Ginger & Jagger

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