Beautiful Holiday House Overlooking Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

Showcasing a simple cubic volume integrated directly into the surrounding environment, this gorgeous residence, designed by Lischer Partner Architekten, is a three-storey holiday house located in the splendid mountains of Switzerland, above Lake Lucerne in Vitznau. Taking full advantage of the challenging topography of the site, the project features a highly original layout and offers impressive views of the Lake Lucerne landscape.

In order to meet the client’s expectations of having a timber house, but also taking account the exceptional hillside location architects envisioned a solid construction that acts like a hard shell, enveloping and protecting the soft core of the timber house, the natural warm wooden interiors. The prefabricated timber frame cassettes were erected, sealed and insulated on site, then clad with a single skin of concrete.


The exterior concrete appearance of the holiday house was realized in Wesen gravel which take the graininess  and  the reddish colour of the prominent rock face behind the house. The timber structure stands as ‘a house in a house’ and the combination with the hard, concrete shell makes it possible the optimization of its load bearing size as it does not have to resist any shear forces. The main entry is accompanied by a garage, while a bridge leads into the home from an open courtyard

The interiors are filled with modern furniture pieces and the fact that the entire space  (floors, walls, ceiling) is executed in larchwood block panels ensures a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. The timber can also be seen from outside through the openings and recesses. Fixed floor to ceiling windows framed in larch provides fantastic views of the lake and the mountains. What is the most unique about this cubed project is that it camouflages itself into the rocky mountain on which it’s situated. This boxy abode blends into the surroundings being surrounded by mountainside forests. The family rooms, such as the dining and living rooms, are situated on the top floor. The bedrooms on the two lower floors are accessed by two opposing staircases. This feature creates a corridor through the structure which leads to various rooms that vary in orientation and have different outlooks. Have a look at the pictures below!








Photos © Roger Frei


Project details:

Design team: Lischer Partner Architekten Planer AG
Client: Christiane und Louis Berns, Luxembourg
Completed: 2011
Location: Vitznau, Switzerland


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