One part of moving into a new home or redecorating that stresses most people is choosing artwork for the rooms. You are confused about what size, pattern, color, design, etc., to get, especially for people with untrained eyes.

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While some people save themselves from stress by hiring an art curator or interior decorator, others would prefer to add their personal touch to their homes instead. Thus, choosing the particular artworks you want can prove challenging.

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Buying art should be a fun experience and not a tedious chore. Thankfully, technology has made it easy to access galleries from the comfort of your home using the internet. You can browse through several options on Bimago before making a final decision.

Here’s a guide for choosing artwork for your home

  1. SIZE

The available wall space is crucial to your choice of art size. Paintings are made in multiple sizes ranging from mini to oversized. Before selecting a piece, measure your wall space, headboard, bed, etc., and other furniture that you would place relatively close to your artwork. The reason being that you don’t want your wall space to be cluttered nor scanty.

Available wall space determines if your artwork would open up space or close it. Measurement helps you pick the right-sized frames so that you avoid mistakes.  For example, placing a mini painting on a large-spaced wall or forcing an oversized one on a small-spaced wall.

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Another thing about the size is that certain sizes fit aesthetically well in specific rooms. Commonly, oversized art pieces are placed above bed headboards for emphasis, while mini paintings often grace kitchen walls. At Bimago, you have the pleasure of seeing multiple artworks and how as well as the right way to hang them.

  1. STYLE

Art comes in a variety of styles, ranging from Traditional to Modern designs. The texture of the paint, the color schemes, the patterns in the picture are reminiscent of different eras. When choosing artwork for your home, decide on the type of art that appeals to you. Your choice doesn’t have to mean something; you can pick a piece because it fits in with your color scheme. The golden rule when it comes to style is originality – stay true to yourself. Although your painting doesn’t require a deep meaning, it should be something you like.

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In choosing an artwork, bear in mind that each art should suit the rooms they’re placed in. The purpose of each room influences the kind of artwork you put there. For instance, in the bedroom, you could use a tranquil design to help you relax or a romantic one to evoke passion! Some couples choose artwork that is significant to their romantic journey together as a reminder of their love. Bimago offers a wide range of art pieces that you can search for based on the emotions they trigger.

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Following a pattern is an easy way to choose artwork. You can use existing décor as a focal point when purchasing artwork. You want every piece to coordinate with your furniture and wall paint. Color scheming is a fun way to decorate your room. Choose artwork with colors in a similar shade with the rest of your home designs like – Yellow, Cream, Gold, Beige, etc.


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