Bringing the outdoors in: How to incorporate nature into your interior remodel design

The outdoors has always held a natural appeal to humans. The earth, sky, water, and other such outdoor elements allow us to feel calm, refreshed, and in unison with mother earth.

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The question is how to get these beautiful outdoor elements within the house. One of the obvious ways of doing it is by bringing the houseplants inside to the living spaces. Although this is a great idea, here are some more good ones to help you bring the outdoors in.

1. Bring in all the natural textures, fibers, and patterns and use natural flooring

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To get ideas for what material you will be using, it would be best to travel abroad and see what others have used. Just make sure that you have your international driving permit so you can go around from one place to the other. Some of the terrific material inspired by nature includes Rattan, Jute, Hemp, and Wicker. You can select these materials for your furniture to develop a comfortable space to relax. During the decoration even the rugs, baskets, and lampshades you can bring in the outdoors to your relaxing spaces. There are some types of flooring materials such as cork, wood, and bamboo that feel natural, inviting, and warm under your feet. When you bring these flooring alternatives within your living spaces you will feel the appeal of these organic elements of natural flooring rather than the cold man-made materials.

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2. Use color inspired from outdoor and use natural light

All the green around us reminds us of grass, earth, and plants. Using blues will add a feeling of refreshments such as water and sky. Yellow can invoke a feeling of freshness like fresh flowers and sun. Using neutral tones such as tans, whites, and beige will make your interiors feel clean and natural. You can use the colors on your window coverings, walls, decor, and beddings. Natural light is free and it makes humans feel terrific. You can replace the heavy drapery with sheers and lighter fabrics. Make sure that the natural light enters the home daily and check out how the outdoors pours inside the living area.

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3. Use natural elements in the decor with outdoor cues

Seashells, rocks, wood, jars of beach sand, and straw are just a few elements that can be incorporated into your everyday living for bringing in the outdoors. These are only some of the elements you can use and there are several others. You can think of using murals and photographs of these natural elements in case you do not have access to the real thing. Keep in mind that floral potpourri scents and woodsy incense are always going to be a treat. You can use sounds of wind, rain, and beaches like the ones used in luxury spas for making the body feel relaxed and in conjunction with nature. You can bring this inside your house or this could also work for coworking spaces, wherever you spend more time working. 

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4. Use a remodeling contractor

Many times, the more difficult aspect of bringing in the right outdoors can be selecting the right remodeling contractor. For making sure that you are on the right path for a terrific home upgrade here are some tips. 

  • Be aware of what you are looking for.
  • Talk to friends and family.
  • Talk to several contractors.
  • Go through many online reviews.
  • Look for well-defined bids.

These are some of the things you must consider while selecting a contractor for your remodel.

5. Make sure that all windows have a terrific view and open them regularly

In case you have trash dumpsters or overgrown bushes blocking your view from the window, try and clear it up. You can bring in the outdoors just by watching the pool, landscaping, and your kids playing in your backyard. As human beings need fresh air to feel alive and at peace, try and bring in the outdoors by installing screens on the windows and turning off the AC occasionally to feel the fresh air. 

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Due to the constantly growing focus on the sustainability and significance of making your living area green, it is no surprise that there is a rising interest in making the houses feel like outdoors. There is an uptick noted by Pinterest in the search for bringing in the outdoors. This trend is here to stay. Keep in mind that the space you are working with is pretty much insignificant as even the smallest of New York apartments will benefit from the exterior influence. Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are a myriad of ways of converting the indoor space into an oasis that embraces everything nature has to offer.


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