How to Keep Critters Out Off Your Yard

You have worked hard to establish your yard garden. Why let the critters destroy it? There is no need. Remember, establishing a good garden takes time, resources, and effort. So, letting anything come in between you and your garden shouldn’t be permitted. Of course, certain types of critters can be difficult to deal with. But that doesn’t mean giving in to these critters. Luckily, there are several methods of keeping critters out of your garden. Here are the tips and tricks you need to keep these annoying critters from your yard.

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Ants are very effective when it comes to destroying critters. There are two types of ants. They include black and red ants. They can effectively eat the eggs of critters, which plays a key role in keeping them off your yard. Still more, ants play a key role when it comes to aerating your soil and pollinating the flowers. Even more, ants can protect your plants, making your yard flourish again. Thus, don’t think about spraying them. Instead, consider allowing them to deal with critters and help your yard become whole again. However, don’t allow them into your home. They can create havoc. Also, ants shouldn’t be allowed to get near the balcony area.

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Aphids, which come in a number of colors, can be destructive to your garden. The most common colors of the aphids include black, yellow, and tan.

Japanese Beetles

Japanese beetles are extremely beautiful. Their shiny green coloring is pretty. However, they can severely damage your flowers, vegetables, lawns, as well as, shrubs. To get rid of these hungry insects, consider pouring some soapy water into your garden. Do this early in the morning. The beetles will still be sleepy and slow to move. Thus, you can easily knock them into your bucket and within no time they’ll have drowned.

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Snails, Slugs

Snails and slugs travel slowly. Nonetheless, their eating speeds are quite fast. They can devour your entire plantation overnight. Whilst there are numerous snail baits out there, you can often control them with a bowl of beer. There’s no need to invest in expensive stuff.

Place the beer on the ground and leave it overnight. Remember, slugs and snails are easily attracted to yeast. But once they crawl into the bowl for a drink, they’ll generally drown.


Are you looking for a quick way to eliminate gophers? Gophers are often solitary in nature. Even one gopher can devour your plants while digging tunnels in your garden. Although there are many options, most gardeners believe that castor oil is highly effective at scaring away gophers. All you need to do is to scatter the repellant around your farm and you’ll be set to go. Though the castor oil won’t kill the gophers, it’ll encourage them to relocate from your yard.

Lawn Grubs

There are numerous types of lawn grubs. These larval beetles normally live under turfs and feed on their roots. If you’re looking for a way to get rid of these beetles, consider applying nematodes to your farm. These microscopic worms will penetrate into your turf, killing them within the shortest time possible.

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Most home nurseries sell beneficial nematodes in form of powder or liquid concentrate. So, depending on your needs, you can always find the perfect option. Simply pour the nematodes into a bucket of water and spray the mi8xure over your lawn. Then let the nematodes do their work.


Squirrels can be very destructive. They nibble on flowers and ravage on fruits, as well as, nut trees. To keep these animals out of your land, you may want to set up some squirrel-proof birdfeeders. You can choose to set up a separate feeder with dried corn for the squirrels or spray a repellant with peppermint around your flowers, vegetables, and fruit trees.

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Bully Birds

Bully birds tend to drive away other songbirds. Some of the troublemaker birds include grackles, blackbirds, as well as, pigeons. If these bullies visit your farm regularly, consider investing in feeders that are specifically created for smaller birds like finches. The feeders are uniquely designed to have small ports which are easily accessible to small songbirds. Plus, they’re designed to block the entry of larger birds.

Tomato Hornworms

Tomato hornworms are everywhere. These voracious caterpillars can devour your tomato plants, eggplants, potatoes, as well as, peppers. If you have a few tomato vines, you can curb their infestation by picking them off using your hand and then throwing them into the trash. But if you have many plants, consider spraying Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) on your plants.


Mice are usually attracted to fruits, vegetable patches, as well as, nut trees. If you aren’t comfortable trapping and killing them, then consider setting up a no-kill trap. But if you have a cat or a dog around your home, you can let them take over the mouse patrol.

Once you’ve trapped them, go ahead and release them about three miles away from your home. These small rodents have an uncanny ability to locate their way back home.

Key Takeaway

There are several types of critters that can bring issues to your home. From rodents, bully birds, to squirrels, critters can be really annoying. However, you can keep them from your home. All you need is to apply the right method. Research about the critter in your home before applying any method. Understand how the method works. For instance, keeping geese off your home can be challenging. But you can learn how to keep geese away on this website. Follow the laid-out instructions when using these methods. It’s also important to be patient when applying these methods. Be consistent when using these methods. Remember, results may not come instantly. You will need to wait. So, embrace patience.

The Bottom-Line

Besides insects, critters can destroy your garden plants. They can hinder the growth of your plants. Still more, critters can cause plant diseases. They multiply at an alarming rate. That’s why you shouldn’t let them get into your garden your home. Control them. Use the above tips and tricks to control critters in your garden.


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