A Guide to Choosing the Right Office Space in Del Mar

Del Mar is a beach town at a 20 minutes distance from San Diego, California. Famous for its fantastic weather, spectacular beaches, and world-renowned racetrack, it is also home to some reputed business names like Qualcomm, Intuit, and Salt Institute.

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If you are also looking forward to opening a Del Mar business, you need the right office space that can meet your business requirements.

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Choosing the right Del Mar office space is incredibly significant, as it not only affects your everyday business operations but also boosts your staff morale and brand image. Several factors may impact your office choice, out of which some most crucial ones are mentioned here. Consider these factors, or you may end up feeling disappointed later.

Have a Look at the Size

The size of the office space is one of the most crucial factors that influence your choice. As a general rule, experts recommend 70 sq. ft. of area per person in your office. However, no one can be better than you to understand your business needs. If you need more storage space and larger desks, you have to figure it out appropriately.

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Also, consider the need for a restroom and meeting space. If your employees need to meet clients regularly, then you would want a separate room for such meetings. While looking at the right size, ask these simple questions before making a decision:

  • Is the office space big enough to give 70 sq. ft. per person?
  • Can it accommodate your growing staff and projections?
  • Do you need a separate space for client meetings?
  • Do you want to give a recreation or social area to your employees?

No need to mention, a congested office space reduces productivity and irritates employees. So, while choosing an office space in Del Mar, never skimp on size and space.

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Choose the Right Location

The location of the office space is of paramount importance. Del Mar business town and Del Mar Village are some of the best areas to set up an office. However, the key is to ensure that your clients can reach you without any hassle, and your employees can also get there every day easily.

Apart from accessibility, also check the neighborhood area. Since your employees will spend a large part of their day in the space, they must feel safe and secured even while en route. Some emergency services should also be in proximity, such as a hospital and fire station. Your employees would appreciate it if there is an after-work bar, coffee shop, and gym nearby.

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Give Attention to Aesthetics

Are you looking forward to turning your business into a brand? You must choose an aesthetically pleasing office space to build your brand image from the very beginning. When your clients visit you, they must feel impressed with your interiors and organization. Consider the following things while making your choice:

  • Is its style and design appropriate for your industry?
  • Are you allowed to customize it as per your brand image?
  • Are the exteriors and interiors worth posting on the website?

If you reply to any of the above questions negatively, it’s wise to reconsider. Remember, unfurnished office space is only going to ruin your business image.

Check the Infrastructure

If you are eyeing furnished office space in Del Mar with a complete fit-out, you must ensure that its infrastructure meets your business needs. Have a look at the cabinets, cubicles, and furniture. 

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Check other elements like lighting, flooring, ceiling, and walls. There should be enough light and air entering the space. The area should have arrangements for some recreation and relaxation as well. It would be great to have access to outdoor spaces to catch on the scenic views of the coast and the blue skyline in Del mar. Look at other space amenities, too, including internet connectivity, air conditioning, washrooms, canteen, and others.

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Prepare Your Budget

Price is the most significant factor you have to consider while choosing an office space. You have to create a budget before making the final decision. If you choose too cheap space, you may end up with a low-quality Del Mar office space that may be incompetent in meeting your business needs. If you spend too much, you may break your budget and fall into a financial crunch. None of these scenarios are desirable. So, look for an office space that is sufficient for your needs even after paying for all the deposits, paperwork, and others.

Are you looking for office space in Del Mar? You are going to prosper a business in a laid-back town by the Pacific Coast. However, consider the abovementioned points that can help you make the right choice.


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