What are the types of roof windows?

Roof windows are the best way to light up the attic. In comparison to traditional windows they let in up to 50 percent more light.

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There are different types of roof windows that could be installed by your local roofers available on the market, which differ mainly in the way they are opened.

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Types and selection of roof windows

Roof windows can be divided into several types according to the way they are opened. Thus, we distinguish between, for example, top hung windows, pivot windows or combinations. When considering which roof windows to choose, in addition to the method of opening we should also take into account the technical parameters and construction of windows.

In terms of the material from which the roof windows are made, the choice is similar to traditional glazing ‒ they can be made of wood or plastic. Investors more often choose the wooden version ‒ plastic windows usually appear in bathrooms and kitchens, i.e. places more exposed to moisture. Among the roof windows there are versions with glued, tempered or heat-insulating glazing.

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Centre pivot roof windows

The opening axis of these windows is located in the middle. The handle is placed on top of the window frame if the window is installed low, or at the bottom if the window is installed high. Centre pivot roof windows can be rotated 180 degrees, which makes them easy to clean and thanks to special hinges you can leave them in the tilted position.

Top hung roof windows

In top hung windows, the sash does not enter the room, because their axis of rotation is located at the top of the structure. Glazing of this type is equipped with special cylinders or springs, which ensure safe use of the window, preventing its accidental closing.

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Top hung and pivot roof windows

Top hung and pivot roof windows combine the properties of two types and have two axes of rotation, located in the upper edge of the frame and in the middle of the construction. They allow them to tilt, open and rotate. Keeping this type of window clean does not cause major problems.

High pivot roof windows

High pivot windows are a type of pivot windows in which the pivot axis is located at ¾ of the construction height. When opened using telescopic cylinders, the window sash protrudes above the roof slope. Thanks to such a construction, when the window is open, you can comfortably stand in an upright position.

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Roof hatch windows

Roof hatch windows, sometimes called skylights, have a side opening flap structure that allows you to go out onto the roof slope. The handle is placed in the middle of the window, which allows for its free opening or slight tilting. Roof hatch windows are equipped with a blockade that prevents their automatic closing.

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The balcony window

The balcony window creates a double winged glazing placed in the roof, which when opened creates a balcony. The upper part of the window is a tilt sash, while the lower part extends vertically along with barriers. The balcony window can be installed in a room where the slope reaches the floor level.


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