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A Guide to Roof Care

If your home is fitted with a flat roofing system, you’ll need to periodically maintain it to ensure that you’re preserving its integrity. From an industry perspective, inspections should be carried out at least twice a year on your roof. The first should be done during the spring season and then again in the fall.

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While the inspector carries out these tasks, it’s still advised that homeowners take the initiative and be more aware of certain issues. For maximum roofing performance, the following five scenarios experienced by Austin roofing company should be considered throughout the year.

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1 – Ponding Water

Ponding or even pooling is simply referred to as the accumulation of water. However, not just any water, but the water that does not disappear even after 48 hours has passed. When this issue is left untreated, the membrane in your roofing system can degrade over time.

This occurs as the UV rays are magnified due to constant heating or even the presence of algae. So, if your roof currently experiences this type of water, you’ll need to contact the manufacturer or the contractor as soon as possible to rectify the issue.

2 – Blistering

As you examine and observe your roof, you should pay attention to details and look for materials that are blistering. When this happens sections will look like the strips are raised. When blisters are left untreated, they will compromise the overall integrity of your home and the roofing system.

This happens since the liquid is forcibly trapped between the membrane sections. Even though it is trapped as a liquid, it converts to vapor and then expands. When you take care of these blisters early on, you can prevent the entire situation along with roof degradation.

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3 – Cracking

When it comes to roof cracking, several factors can contribute to this. This is due to the fact that some systems are more easily compromised by UV rays. When this occurs, the UV rays break down the membrane and result in either crazing or cracking.

In addition, poor workmanship can also contribute to this. As the water pools, it weights on the system and cracks it. Regardless of this particular issue, a ton of serious problems can occur.

4 – Snow Build Up

While this only applies to cold climates, snow is something that should never be ignored. If your roofing system is flat, there’s no option for the snow to slide off of your roof. Excess snow can often lead to an overload as well as ponding.

So, if ever you’re faced with snowy situations, it’s best to hire some help to aid with the removal process. This should always be considered, especially if your roof is flat and the snow is thicker than a foot in height. 

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5 – Loose Fasteners

When fasteners become loose, your roof will have disaster written all over it. Loosened fasteners simply mean that the roofing system isn’t properly secured or anchored as intended. This also leads to wind damages during heavy winds. If for some reason your contractor installed the wrong fasteners, then your warranty might be considered void; be sure of the fasteners that are used during the installation process.


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