Five DIY jobs that you should always leave to the professionals

Tackling DIY tasks around the home and garden can save you money and be incredibly rewarding, but some jobs need a professional touch. While you may feel confident building flat-pack furniture, putting up shelves and decorating, tasks that involve meeting regulations or jobs that pose a safety risk should probably be avoided. Even if it means you have to dip into your savings to get the work completed, on occasion, it’s best to hire professional tradespeople with training and qualifications.

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Removing a wall

Taking down an internal wall can create a larger space and allow natural light to fill a room. On the downside, many walls are supporting other areas of your home and contain plumbing or electrical wires that you may be unaware of. By starting the work without any prior experience, you could put yourself at risk of harm and cause structural damage which costs thousands of dollars to repair. There are also housing regulations to consider and standards that must be adhered to, all of which a builder can help you navigate smoothly. Whether you’re planning to rip out a wall before moving to make your home more desirable, or you just want to change things up, this is one home improvement that has to be left for the experts.

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Electricals and wiring

Any DIY work that requires specialized skills and training should be outsourced. When it comes to rewiring or setting up a new circuit, there is a real risk of electric shock, fire hazards and losing power to other areas of the home – even if you only make a small mistake. This type of skilled task often requires a permit to complete and, depending on the extent of the work carried out, maybe even an inspection once the job is done. Moreover, electricians use expensive tools and equipment that is not worth buying for the occasional job, so for new sockets, lights and rewiring jobs, hiring a professional electrician in Elanora is the way to go.

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Sizable landscaping projects

Sizable landscaping projects
Many of us enjoy selecting plants and accessories when planning a new look for our garden, but larger, more challenging tasks are safer in the hands of an experienced landscaper. In the long term, an expert opinion on which trees are best suited to the soil in your area and how to keep your shrubs healthy will save you money. When you need your outdoor spaced to be tidied and made safe, an expert will be able to remove larger branches and entire trees without damaging your high security fence, car or property. They may also take into consideration hidden dangers such as overhead wires and underground cables, which are easy to overlook.  

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Fixing a leaky roof and replacing tiles

The odd shingle repair or guttering replacement is certainly safe for people living in single-story houses, but most other roofing jobs can be dangerous. Even for the pros, this is precarious work that presents a real risk of falling from a height. Roofers even have special policies from companies such as Next Insurance, which offer tailor-made coverage. Their fast and cheap roofing insurance means a tradesperson is covered for any accidents that may occur when they are at work, so clients also have peace of mind. At the first sign of a leak, avoid hurting yourself or making the problem worse by calling in an insured roofer to finish more dangerous or complex repairs.

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Installing gas appliances and dealing with leaks

From ovens to heating systems and spin dryers, many modern appliances use gas. When these are installed incorrectly, or a gas hose becomes pinched, a problem can occur quickly. Much like water, gas and many other poisonous fumes will leak out of the smallest gaps. This can create a potentially deadly carbon monoxide hazard or even an explosion. It may be tempting to search for the cause of a gas leak or put off repairing it if the problem seems relatively minor, but it’s always best to get in a qualified technician as soon as possible. All you need to do is switch off your main gas supply, if possible, and call out a licensed plumber or gas engineer.

Although online videos and tutorials can teach you how to carry out a wide range of household repairs, the work can often be more difficult than it appears. Jobs that you already know how to do and have the time to complete properly can be fun DIY projects, but if you have any doubts about your ability or if the task is complex, always get in the experts.


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