A Reflective Mirror into a Digital Life – The World’s First Intelligent Mirror

In the previous article Breathtaking Glass Technology by Corning, The Future at Our Fingertips we were amazed about how glass technology will shape our future daily life and we told you that some technologies like that are already on the market in a way or another. One brilliant example is this Cybertecture® Mirror, a reflective mirror into a digital life which you’ll love it from the very start. The Cybertecture® Mirror is far from an ordinary mirror for everyday use, it’s the world’s first intelligent Reflective Mirror.


Why? Because only at a touch of a button, it comes to life and does things you know other devices do: it displays information through programmable applications. With a goal to innovate the fabric of mankind to live the future today, James Law Cybertecture designed this amazing reflective mirror as part of their Special Projects division and we are delighted to show you here, on DesignLike, their work. This mirror is a 2012 winner at HA+D Awards in Mirrors& Vanities Category.

How does it work such a mirror? Through a reflective digital display, programmable applications and a connection with the internet via wireless communication technology, you are able to see interactive information which you can customize for specific functions.


It can be used in two ways with a remote control and/or smarthopnes (optional): passively and actively. Actively, it interacts with the users and communicates with mobile phone, computer, personal digital assistant offering useful information and also monitoring their health through a peripherical sensor pad. Designed to be hung on the wall, the smart combination between thin, stylish and elegant design and great digital features make from the Cybertecture® Mirror the perfect gadget for any kind of environment home, office and public environments (hotels, hospitals, retail shops). Its dimensions are Height 815 mm x Width 507 mm x Depth 80 mm and it operates in an ambient temperature between 5°C and 40°C, being compatible to up to typical bathroom use. For full technical specification and others, you can visit their site.






Photos: © James Law Cybertecture.


 A Reflective Mirror into a digital life


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