About A Chair by Hee Welling Displaying Striking Design Simplicity

About A Chair is a wonderful family of chairs developed by Hee Welling in close collaboration with HAY manufacturer. Displaying a striking design simplicity which complements almost any style of interior design, the collection is a great combination of functionality, comfortability and aesthetics. The original feature of this beautiful collection is that chairs’ shells and frames are specially designed to be combined and create diversity without to compromise’ the perfection.

About A Chair is that piece of furniture you’ll love it because will fit very well around any table from dining tables, conference tables to cafeteria, restaurant and office tables  and you can achieve another design with another color only changing its shell or its frame. The materials used for seats are polypropylene, Steelcut Trio, Divina 2, Divina Melange, Bizon leather, California leather and polished aluminium, powder coated aluminium,  soap treated oak or stained ash for frames. Upholstery is available in various fabrics upon request.


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