Matteo Cainer Architects’s Proposal for Museum of Contemporary Art Santiago Ydáñez

In Matteo Cainer Architects‘ vision, the new Museum of Contemporary Art Santiago Ydáñez in the town of Puente de Génave, Spain, should have an engaging, sculptural and apparently fragmented architectural design. Their concept proposal for this museum is a building whose architecture is closely related to the site and the works of artists, being a reactive and interactive part of the landscaped setting through a series of fluid architectural connections where spaces can be continually reinvented and reconstructed.

Matteo Cainer Architects want the new architectural identity of the Museum of Contemporary Art Santiago Ydáñez to be no longer static and a silent repository, but to be a concentrated and unexpected ensemble of 4,600m2, with interconnected spaces where unpredicted relationships, platforms for improvisation and workshops to become centers for knowledge and its dissipation.


Photos: © Matteo Cainer Architects.


Project details:

Architect: Matteo Cainer Architects Ltd
Area: Puente de Génave, Spain
Use: Museum of Contemporary Art Santiago Ydáñez
Customer: Ayuntamiento de Puente De Génave
Full flooring region: 4,600m2

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