How to use Green Color for Interior Design

Green is the color you find in nature the most abundant and it is related to life, fertility, nature, harmony, freshness, freeddom. It is the most relaxing color to the eye. Enveloping, soothing, refreshing, tonic, green color relaxes both mind and physically, bringing good mood, relaxation, meditation, balance, fantasy, pleasant, relaxing and calm, intense impression of freshness, facilitates disconnecting nervous, feeling far out into space and due to this many effects, green is used successfully in many areas. It has a multitude of shades and even this year is a trendy color as you already know being  one of the 10 most proeminent hues for this year, exactly one shade of green and that’s is Cockatoo.

Speaking about interior design, the colors are those through which a house can get personality, are those that create different optical illusions and have also a strong influence on our psyhological level as we told you in a previous article the psychology of color for interior design. Using green in interior design with appropriate other shades of green or with other colors with a well contoured destination may have special effects. Use this color especially when you want to inspire a fresh and natural atmosphere.

1. In proper amounts, green can be used successfully in almost any room, the living room being one of them. In such a room, green can be on an accent wall, on furniture, decorative pillows, rugs, accessories, paintings, lighting, vases, in combination with other colors according to your taste. For example, if you opt for a green sofa, this one will become the focal point of the living room and will give a modern fresh look.


Photo: Eileen Kathryn Boyd





2. If you want to use green color on larger areas, use it for bathrooms, bedrooms and study rooms because it induce an atmosphere of tranquility and peace, relaxing, good both for sleep and for intellectual activities, but also for a good bath. In combination with blue shades is perfect for your bedroom, both of them are shown to lower blood pressure and heart rate. An alternative is to opt for curtains and green bedding.




Photo: Gaile Guevara


Photo: Neslihan Pekcan/Pebbledesign



Photo: Domiteaux + Baggett Architects, PLLC


Photo: Habitat Studio

3. This color give a sensation of freshness and increase appetite, so it’s widely used for dining room or kitchens designs in combinations with other colors that has similar effects like red, orange and even yellow. They action like an invitation to enjoy your everyday meals. If you don’t believe us, take for example a famous restaurant, Mcdonald’s,  where if you pay attention to the colors used, you’ll see that are exactly these ones. If the budget does not allow you to have accent walls, furniture or tiles in green tints, then you can enter the green in your kitchen through accessories: media plates, salt and pepper accessories, bottles, dishes, boxes and various containers for spices, plates of fruit and green vegetables. You can also opt for a green wallpaper. It can also have other colors and can be striped, floral prints or any other.


Photo: Crisp Architects



Photo: Elad Gonen & Zeev Beech



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