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Make a Great First Impression with Die-Cut Business Card Designs

Undoubtedly, everyone of us wants to have success in his business whatever our field of activity and everyday we’re searching for methods to stand out from the crowd in every aspect of our business from the services and products we offer, their quality and package, to ourselves and our employees’ image. Nowadays, the package sells and it is as important as the quality of the products itself, sometimes is much more than that.

Why? Because in our consumerist era if we don’t show something that impresses from the very start in a creatively way, you greatly diminish your chances of having success. That’s why we should be aware by now how important is to communicate the right things about you and your business, to create a professional and positive image that stays in your client’s long-term memory.

One important way to promote yourself and your business as designers and architects and not only is to introduce yourself originally using die-cut business card designs. Do you know that first impressions are formed in less than seven seconds of meeting time, and sociological studies show that these first impressions are correct in 67% of cases? Well, a business card is an indispensable accessory nowadays, serving as a means of written and graphic communication while you are in front of your present and future clients, business partners or employees. It’s like a CV if you want, when we’re searching for a good job. For the message to be the one you want to transmit, all the elements of our business card should match: the colors, the text’s fonts, the company’s logo and the quality of the cardboard. Cheap cards can be easily seen.  Business card you use must determine the person in front of you to want to keep it! Simple, unique and creative design is preferred like die-cut business card designs from UPrinting.


Such die-cut business card designs are a great alternative to standard ones, helping you to be more expressive and really stand out. UPrinting offers you imaginative unique and attractive shapes (eg.: rounded corner, circular, leaf) on glossy, UV, matte or uncoated high quality paper at competitive prices. Besides that, you can create your own business card design online with the Easy design tool by browsing through thousands of templates to choose from to make your business card look personalized or upload your own design. Full color business cards in die-cut shapes can also be used in different ways such as appointment reminders, mini-resumes, service lists, calendars, portfolios and product samples. To be easier for you, they help you with the business card printing as well.








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