Hexagonal-Shaped Contemporary House in Portugal

This single story contemporary house was designed by Portuguese architects Manuel Aires Mateus and Francisco Aires Mateus and is located in the Aroeira district, Portugal. Surrounded by beautiful landscape with pine trees all over, the residence displays an unique hexagonal shape the same as the 1,500 square meter site’s shape, which ensures a high level of privacy for its inhabitants. Each space converges around a courtyard, which becomes a central space.

The natural surrounding scenery highlights the white volume of the house, its architectural form creating a strong symbiosis between the two. When seeing it,  it give you a certain sense of serenity and makes you very curious about its interiors. Wide selective windows offers views to the internal spacious courtyard. Once you step inside, the house is charaterized by the same simple and impressive white design as it is in exterior from walls, floor, furniture and almost any existing surface. The 300 square meter contemporary house accomodates a master bedroom, two childrens bedrooms, living room and library, dining room and kitchen, a studio and the garage, all of them designed with iconic pieces of furniture of the modern era. What do you think? Would you consider having a house like this?

Photos: © Fernando Guerra, FG+SG Architectural Photography.


 Project details:

Architects: Manuel Aires Mateus and Francisco Aires Mateus
Location: Aroeira, Portugal
Date of project: 2007-2009
Date of construction: 2009-2010
Collaborators: Francisco Caseiro, Catarina Bello, Serena Santini
Client: private
Surface Area: 1,500 square meters
Building Area: 300 square meters


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