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A Tech-Savvy Home for Modern Times

Tech items can make your home more convenient and a lot of fun. You can find many affordable tech items to make your home a smart home.

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Things like speakers and lights can give you instant control over the mood in your home. 

Virtual Assistant

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A virtual assistant speaker can basically do what you tell it to. Some popular models are Alexa and Google Home Mini. You can, however, find many variations on the market. A virtual assistant can bring fun for the entire family. Kids can even ask questions to get help with homework. You can enjoy your favorite music by just asking for a song to play, for example. With a Lenovo promo discount, you can also get new computers for your home, as well. 


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You do not have to wire all smart lights into your home. You can find many smart light bulbs to make your home user-friendly. You can connect the bulbs to your WiFi and control the brightness of your room after programming them. You can even find bulbs with fun colors to accent your favorite rooms. Some bulbs work with a hub, while others do not need one. 


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You can stop getting out of bed on cold winter mornings to adjust your thermostat. With a smart thermostat, you can simply tell your home to heat up before you get out from under the covers. Now your kids have no excuse for not getting up for school.  During those hot summer months, you can also cool it down if you wake up to a warm house in the middle of the night. 


Smart security features can make you feel more in control of your home, even when you need to be away. Take the time to find the right cameras to secure both your indoor and outdoor spaces. You can choose from many forms of cameras. Doorbell cameras work well for monitoring everyone that comes to your door and tracking deliveries. 

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Look out parents, you may also catch those sneaky teens trying to get out for the night. Smart cameras link to your phone or computer so can check them from anywhere. Some even allow you to speak to the people you see. You can also get alerted to smoke or carbon monoxide with smart detection units. 


Chores can become the easiest part of your day with smart accessories and appliances. Robot vacuums have been around a long time and they are only getting better. You can control some models with your virtual assistant. Some you can even control from an app on your phone. You can have all the dog hair cleaned up before you even get home from work. A smart trash can with sensors that initiate suction also allows you to say goodby to your dustpan. Simply sweep the debris over to the bottom of your trash for easy cleanup. 

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Finally, you may need to load some dirty pet laundry before you leave the house. The idea of leaving the washer running makes many people nervous. With a smart washer, you can load in the morning and start it while you drive home. You don’t have to call and argue with your teenagers to start the laundry anymore. 

You can do almost anything in your home with the sound of your voice or an app when you set it up properly. You do not have to rewire your entire home to have a smart home. You can easily set up a rental house or apartment with smart devices. Set the mood with lights and music for the perfect date night. You can also enjoy safety and easy chores with your favorite smart devices. 


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