How Do You Know If You Need a Pipe Relining?

Plumbing plays a vital role in every house. We may not notice this until we face an issue.

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In modern society, we all rely on advanced plumbing. There comes a time when we need pipe relining, and we must know how to identify that. The most common issue that we face in our day-to-day life is air blockage in our pipes. Due to this, the speed of water flow depreciates. It seems that the blockage in the pipe is due to dust or stone. However, we only need to turn off and turn on the main valve to solve the air blockage issue.

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Before 1980, the use of clay pipes was common in households. It was environment-friendly but heavy on the pocket and in weight. Clay pipes used to last for 50 to 60 years. As technology evolved, pipes made of different materials became available in the market.

It can be complicated to identify situations when you need a pipe relining as pipes are underground, and you can see some issues only when they get enhanced. Like everything else, pipes need regular maintenance too. Sewer pipelines need more care and maintenance than normal ones.

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Below are some noticeable signs that you need pipelining:-

  • Rust or corrosion 
  • If there is water back up
  • Water clogs in drains
  • Odour in a particular area
  • Deteriorating water quality

If you face any of the issues as mentioned above, you need to call a professional immediately. You can find expertise in plumbing like Sydney Pipe Relining to help you out.

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When to get pipe relining?

As the pipe relining happens underground, ensure that the workers do it in the correct season. The best season for relining is the summer season. During this season, the soil softens, and it gets easy to lay the pipes. On the other hand, the rainy season will not be the best season due to water logging issues on the roads. Pipe relining during this time may increase the chances of the entrance of contaminated water in the pipes. The same goes for the winter season as this season is responsible for the freezing of water resulting in severe damage and bursting of pipes. 

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Why should you choose to reline?

  • Fast and easy installation- A professional plumber would take not more than a day to finish the relining. If you choose a reputed company to complete your work, you will need minimal monitoring for the job. 
  • Minimal cost- Pipe relining is the best option to repair your damaged pipes. Digging up the whole ground takes time, and it will cost a lot more. However, pipe relining is a cost-effective solution both in terms of cash and time. 
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  • Long-term investment- Pipe relining is not a temporary solution and lasts long. It is like replacing the damaged pipes but with better material. These materials help to prevent cracks or leaks. Hence, pipe relining is a long-term solution. 

Make the right choice at the right time to avoid excessive damage and expense.


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