Add Art to Interior Design Conceptual Mockups with Virtual Reality Visualizer from Wall Décor Galore

Interior design professionals know that the right wall art can make or break a room. 

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Some design experts suggest that the interior decorating process should start by selecting a piece of wall art as a focal point and let that be the inspiration for the room’s color scheme and decorating style. 

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In their highly acclaimed interior design reference and textbook Designing Interiors (, authors Kilmer and Kilmer note the importance of wall art in interior design saying, “the furnishings of artwork and collectibles reinforce the humanistic feel to an interior and provide a visual accent.”  Tara Mastroeni , real estate and personal finance writer for Forbes, MillionAcres and Business Insider, writing for MyMove, gives a whole list of reasons why wall art is so critical to an interior design plan starting with the suggestion that wall art may, in fact, be the most important element in interior design.  But, Mastroeni notes, “all too often in interior design, we see wall art treated as an afterthought.  

Tools have the power to extend the horizons of what we can and cannot do.  Just like painters depend on brushes, rollers and sprayers to do their work, designers depend on software and technology to create the conceptual mockups necessary to do their work.  Since there is certainly no shortage of wall art, maybe the reason it often doesn’t appear on the walls of design concept mockups is because the designer didn’t have access to the tools needed to include it in the design. Wall Décor Galore has solved that problem with the release of their virtual reality powered room décor mockup tool.  

The Wall Décor Galore VR mockup tool is free to use. It allows users to upload room images or mockups and add stylized artwork to the image and generate high resolution finished mockups.  Users can choose from more than 350 million works of art which can be displayed as framed prints, stretched canvas or even as a triptych.  The artwork, once it is super imposed on the room image, can then be moved around and resized to achieve just the right look.  When satisfied with the rendition users can generate a high resolution, downloadable mockup for use in client presentations or to help with project planning and management.  

Image by Tung Nguyen from Pixabay

Wall Décor Galore caters to designers and decorators in other ways too.  They have an artwork project management system that allows users to organize collections of art in project or theme folders and annotate each piece with specific notes about size, location or other relevant information.  Wall Décor Galore also offers additional concierge style services to interior designers to help with curating images for a project, custom or commissioned art, specialty installation hardware and assisting with installation where needed.


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