Interior design ideas for small bedroom space

Having a small room at home might be somehow disappointing. Instead of having a free-looking space for your bedroom, you just end up in a seemingly claustrophobic four-walled room and everything seems just too close to each other.

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Given this time of pandemic where you are always in your home mindlessly scrolling through your window phone, why not make the best out of your time and redesign your room?

Sure it can be quite exhausting thinking of how much effort you will put into it. However, when you get to imagine your small room looking big and more breathable, then perhaps it’s time to get your hands on it. With this, you’ll be able to appreciate your finished room well by the time you have a space that seems to give you comfort after all those years of being able to fit in a small, plain, and boring-looking bedroom.

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Get Minimal

One of the most important things to consider is to get minimal. When you have a small room with a lot of unnecessary things, it might look too messy and rowdy. With this, one of the best ideas is to leave the essentials only; a bed, your closet, and you might want to get a small table with a drawer for you to have a desk to work on. With this, you might also want to try decluttering everything in your closet, so as to give more space to things that you just need.

Simplify your colours

Another thing that you can do is to paint your walls in plain colours. Choose shades that are not too dark and not too striking for your room. Might as well try white, beige, or light grey for your room, so you can still amplify your room to a simpler and neater look most especially during the day. Having your walls coloured anew can make your room look fresher and lighter on most days.

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The right kind of flooring

If you want to go extra with redesigning the entire interior of your bed space, you can also have your floorings changed. One recommendation that you need to consider is to use floorings made of wood. Wood floorings horizontally arranged for your floors can make it longer giving you an appearance of a bigger space. Wood floorings, especially when in contrast with the colours of your walls also give more depth when paired together so you can achieve a wider looking space for your room. Magic? No. It’s just an optical illusion.

Change your curtains

In giving your room a full makeover, you might want to add an extra touch to your window covers. Curtains might seem to not be of essential addition to the look of your interiors yet it is one of the key points to consider in giving your room more life. Having long curtains, particularly when it drops down to your floor, makes your room more elegant and sophisticated. However, you must at least choose quality fabrics like velvet, Jacquard, damask, or linens for them. Having them in such fabrics creates an iconic design to be draped on your windows and it also provides protection and control over how much sunlight comes into your room. You can even order made-to-measure curtains so they will fit perfectly for your room. Just be sure to match your curtain designs and colours with that of your wall to complement each other. Good fabrics, better aesthetics they say.

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Create accents

One of the most popular accents nowadays goes to nature. Many people now consider having plants for their room, as it also provides breathability and more life to their rooms. Essentially, plants are the producers of oxygen; your room will look and feel good when you add a touch of nature to them. Yet, do not overdo your plants. Place a plant with green leaves inside your rooms or you may also try putting dried plants on a transparent glass bottle and place it on your desk to create a statement. And hey, don’t forget to water them!


One main ingredient to make your room appear fresher is to rearrange your things. Getting your things, in the same way, might give you a feeling of familiarity with your room. As much as you want to get comfortable, you also need to rearrange your things so your space can look new. In rearranging, you might want to try placing your desk beside your windows and have your beds just beside them. By this, it will be easier for you to crash into your bed after mentally draining hours of work on your desk.

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When you come to think about it, your bed space is one of the places that provide you with comfort. Thus, it is always important to provide it with the best so it can appear brand new. Consequently, in making your room look bigger, it’s important to have your things in the most minimal way possible, but with a dash of style by creating accents and incorporating comfortable colours with them.

That’s it! Now, are you ready to make your room a better place to stay in?


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