Advice for Decorating Your Rented Home

In the age-old debate of buy versus rent, one of the knock-backs on renting has always been that you can’t decorate your home and make it your own, but is it really so black and white?

While you might not exactly be able to go and knock walls through and add an extension, there are a number of decorative moves you can make to imprint your style on a rented property.

Here are some ideas that will not only get your place looking better but set you up for the future as well.

I’ll Scratch Your Back…

So, your landlord controls what goes on in the property and that means you can’t make any changes? Not exactly.

Of course, it depends on your landlord but, if you feel the place needs a bit of a spruce up (a coat of paint on the walls, for example), it’s worth asking your landlord if you can take care of it for them.

More often that not, your landlord will be open to making changes as long as they improve the property and are within reason. After all, you’re offering to both enhance their asset and do the work for them. It’s a mutually beneficial exchange.

Your design proposals will likely have to be fairly neutral, but many of the best interior designs are based off clean and simple colourways, so there will be an idea to suit you.

Go Unfurnished and Introduce Key Investment Pieces

If you’re looking for a place you can affect change in, go unfurnished. Yes, it’s more work on moving day, but your rent costs will be lower and you can invest in key design pieces that will not only shape the design of your current property, but set the foundation for if and when you want to buy a home.

Here are just a few examples of standout pieces that you can introduce that will set the tone of the room:

  • Lighting: Often neglected, statement lighting can really change the ambience of a property.
  • Soft furnishings: Sofas, chairs, stools. These are pieces that dominate the room and can add a splash of colour.
  • Dining Table: A real centrepiece and long-term investment. Heal’s offer an outstanding range to suit any style.
  • Modular Storage: As well as filling a practical need, choosing classy wardrobes, drawers and shelving will make a big difference in the house.

You Can’t Run, But You Can Hide

The final solution is to use items you like to hide items you don’t. This can work for an unfurnished or furnished property, and ties in to buying your own statement items.

If you can’t wallpaper or paint the walls, use wallpaper panels, wall hangings and artwork to set the tone around the place. If you don’t like the floors, buy a rug that will take the attention onto itself.

Even simple moves such as using pretty bed linen or adding some plants around the house will allow you to put your own stamp on things.

There’s also nothing stopping you from storing away items you don’t like and bringing in ones you do, so even a heavily pre-furnished property can be edited to your tastes.

Once you’ve delved into what you can do, you’ll be surprised how much of a change you can make. With a bit of extra work and some investment, you can make a rented property your own.


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