Tips to Finding the Top-Quality Roofing Service in Barrington, IL

Both soft summer showers and intense thunderstorms fall upon the suburban village of Barrington. If you live in this area, then you’d have a pretty good idea of how unforgiving the rain can sometimes get. Under such weather conditions, your roof suffers the most.

Whether you need to repair or update your roof, it should be handled by the best roofing contractors in your area. To help you with that, here are six tips for finding a quality roofing service in Barrington:


  • Check their reputation


A good reputation precedes the entity it describes. When you first ask around about referrals for a good local roofing service, take note of the ones that receive praises from your peers. You might hear them mention companies like the local Superior Roofers. It’s good to listen to people’s recommendations because, chances are, if the company did good work on their homes, they’d do good work on yours, too.

Aside from rave reviews, well-established roofing companies should have permanent contact information and a business address. These are signs that the company has been around long enough to perfect their craft.

It’s also a good idea to go for an established local company because they already have a good understanding of the weather conditions in Barrington, making them more than qualified to fix or upgrade your roof and make it as fitting for your home as possible.


  • Ask to see their license and insurance


Hiring a licensed and insured company seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised by how it easy it is to be swayed by an unreliable organization that offers irresistible deals. To ensure that you won’t fall prey to such roofing companies, ask to see their license before you agree to do business with them.

Go the extra mile and check if the licensing entity is legitimate. For the state of Illinois, the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation is the authorized agency that bestows licenses on working professionals and companies.

Besides a license, a reputable roofing company should also have liability insurance and workers’ compensation. Not only do these protect their employees, but they also save you from any legal responsibilities should any of their employees be involved in an incident while they’re working on your roof.


  • Settle for a reasonable payment system


You must already know that your top priority must be quality and not affordability, especially if your roof requires multiple major repairs. Another element to mull over when it comes to finances is the payment system. Your chosen roofing company in Barrington should:

  • Come up with a written contract presenting all the details of your transaction
  • Not ask for a deposit as a sign of financial stability
  • Only request payment once the job is done


  • Test their expertise


A company can still be an excellent one without necessarily being an expert in a particular niche. That said, you must first know the services you’re looking for so that you can hire a local roofing company with the exact skill sets needed to address your roofing concerns. This is especially important if you want your roof to be special, like something similar to the roof on the Octagon House on Main St.

Here are some common roofing services to help you determine what you’re looking for:

  • Cleaning
  • Tiling
  • Slating
  • Flattening
  • Roof installation
  • Damage repairs
  • Chimney repairs and removals

When an employee cannot satisfactorily answer your questions about the type of service you’re looking for, that’s usually a sign that you need to keep looking for a roofing company.


  • Put a premium on communication


The communication lines between you and your chosen company should be as open as the downtown White House during one of its many public events. You can tell that this is the case when the company can do the following:

  • Effectively inform you about the details of your business transaction
  • Keep you updated on the progress of the job
  • Inform you of any issues through positive phrasing
  • Be receptive towards your concerns


  • Require a warranty


Even highly revered service companies make mistakes sometimes. Although it’s alright to accept that fact, make sure that you won’t suffer the consequences of those mistakes by requiring a considerate warranty that covers essential services for a reasonable amount of time. That would reinforce the assurance that you’ll get from the written contract.

With Barrington holding the record for having the largest historic residential district famous for its diverse architectural styles, you can’t neglect the look and function of your home’s roof. Once you decide that it’s time to repair or upgrade your roof, keep these tips in mind before you shake hands with a potential local roofing company.


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