All White Magnificent House on the Cliff in Calpe, Spain

Just as its name suggests, the “House on the cliff” is a stunning modern residence designed by Valencia-based architecture firm Fran Silvestre Architects on a steep terrain in the known area of Calpe, Alicante, Spain, a unique resort, a place for tourism and recreation worthy of visiting. Surrounded by a staggering landscape, a backdrop of  rocky mountains and spectacular Mediterranean Sea views on the opposite, the house  is a charming secluded place for its inhabitants: they can enjoy fresh air,  take long walks, admire the sunset and the panoramic views, walking poles and disconnect from the busy city life.


Standing on the plot of  962,84 square metres,  the “House on the cliff” was cleverly adapted to the uneven terrain, its white monolithic concrete structure respecting the natural contours of the site. To minimize adjustments to the topography, architects designed the living spaces of the house spreaded over four floors. An infinity pool and a leisure large terrace are on the lowest level, while the upper volume accommodates the generously-sized bedrooms, living room, dining room and the kitchen. An interesting architectural detail is a functional outdoor stair, which not only allows the lucky residents to change levels, but also gives them the possibility contemplating the outstanding scenery.

The interior of the residence is very much connected to the exterior through floor to ceiling windows that offer extensive forest views in the living and dining areas. The passageway leading to the main entrance is carved within a space between the home and cliff enabling the rocky landscape to double as a backdrop to the bathroom and kitchen. Minimalist neutral furnishings embellish the sleek, modern interior, making it comfortable and inviting, while the use of this color palette inspires tranquility and harmony. A perfect place for a holiday retreat too. What do you think?









Photos © Fran Silvestre Arquitectos; Diego Opazo


Project details:

Project name: House on the cliff
Location: Calpe. Alicante, Spain
Architects: Fran Silvestre Arquitectos
Project team: Fran Silvestre (principal in charge), María José Sáez (principal in charge), Maria Masià (collaborator architect), Adrián Mora (collaborator architect), Jordi Martínez (collaborator architect), José V. Miguel (collaborator architect)
Contractor: Construcciones Alabort
Site area: 962,84 m2
Built area: 242,00 m2
Cost (p.e.m.): 650.000 EUR