Interior Design Trends That Keep Coming Back

Whilst some interior trends are fleeting fancies, there are others which never die, coming back into fashion on a regular basis. When decorating your home you should pick designs that stand the test of time, whilst still including elements of your own personality – but which trends could go the distance?

Embroidery and knitwear

It’s a shame we did not learn everything our grandmothers and mothers taught us; if we did, our homes would probably look a lot more cheerful right now. But, this can all be rectified as embroidery and knitting is a major trend for 2013. From colourful carpets with thousands of knots to various storage baskets and foot stall covers, handmade is back and is planning on being here for a while.


Photo © Laura Bielecki


Swinging 60s

The 60s have never really left us but instead lay quiet for a few years and then reintroduce themselves again. And as ever, the 60s style is back in fashion yet again.

Big bold colours and stripes are big in the interior design world right now. One of the simplest ways of achieving this effect is by employing stripes in an elegant manner. Carpets, wallpapers, upholstery, graphic art – each of these elements can wear the distinct feature of the 60s as long as they are defined by stripes.


Photo © Tracy Murdock Allied ASID


Animal prints

Nature always seems to pop back up in interior design trends. This is quite a nice trend that can be taken up in full force or used to create a more subtle decorative element in your home.

Animal print fabrics come back into fashion every few years and are big for 2013. But there is more to come with the printed fabrics this year. Animal shaped furniture or accessories are very popular and make a great conversation starter at any party!


Photo © Amoroso Design


Merging the outdoors and indoors

Finally, nothing screams classic style more than the concept of bringing the outdoors in. This has been a trend for as long as many of us seem to remember and the general idea is to harmonise your home so that outdoor and indoor areas become one. You don’t need to go overboard, but uninterrupted views of a beautiful garden afforded by patio doors and a few house plants or vases of flowers strategically placed can work wonders.

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