Aluminum Shower Enclosures Combining Refined Style with Modern Design

Bathroom should be given the same attention as any other room in the house, especially because it’s an environment were we want to enjoy moments of leisure, relaxation and feel good after a busy stressful day at work. The bathroom should be our oasis of well-being and why not a beauty center just for us inside of our private home. Whether you prefer a bathtub or rather want a shower enclosure because the bathroom space isn’t larger enough for something else, today we have available a wide range of products for bathroom which meet every need and even the most refined tastes.

Today we spotted an exquisite new collection of shower enclosures signed by the Italian company BluBleu, proposals that come to expand their already magnificent shower collection. Designed in their characteristic style, this new collection of shower enclosures impresses by a strong aesthetic character defined by one succesful ingredient- innovation, which means an avant-garde technology which allows to enjoy all functions in maximum comfort, clever combination of different trendy materials and a seductive and elegant design that amaze you.

Every detail matters so that with every new collection, BluBlue manages to interpret contemporary trends and offer the best solutions for bathroom environment. Aluminium and glass play a leading role in this sleek and stylish new range of  five shower enclosures (Plan, Ray, Modus, York and Drop). Extremely versatile, each shower cabin is a product of great functionality and durability, not to speak about the  process of polishing and painting using advanced technologies, that is a further guarantee of the quality of them. Minimalist design with sliding glass door system, simple and linear forms and profile aluminum makes this collection stand out.

Photos: © BluBleu.


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