Innovative Handmade Mimbre Chair by Eggpicnic

Working with traditional materials and techniques doesn’t mean it will always result furniture’s pieces with traditional design, but something very modern and unique in the same time. This handmade mimbre chair is an evidence of that. Designed by South American studio Eggpicnic  specialized in the production of children toys, which range from limited edition tools to furniture, logos and illustrations, beautiful Amalia chair is an outstanding mix of functionality and aesthetics, tradition and modernity. Working closely with mimbre (wicker) artisans Francisco Palma and Mario Rojas, the design couple Christopher Macaluso and Camila De Gregorio has created a great looking chair bursting with originality, that cradles the sitter like a basket, a perfect place for reading or for relaxing moments.

The thing that make it so special is that it’s made using the natural plant fiber of Mimbre, a Chilean material used to make traditional objects through a complex procedure of hand weaving, a unique skill acquired by artisans from Chimbarongo. Using this material suggests a deep sense of tradition in the chair’s design, but it’s undulating, curvaceous shape featuring a perfect circle on each side of it, which reveals a convex hole in the middle of the woven structure.

Creative and eye-catching isn’t it? After some studies, the handmade Mimbre chair measures 80cm X 80cm X 65 cm (approximately 31 x 31 x 25 inches) and can be purchased on demand. What do you think? Would you consider it as an addition to your home?

Photos: © Paolo Remedy.